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Page 10 of 55 | May 2017 | 9 WATER MANAGEMENT: KEY PLAYERS In addition, Fountain Quail's MAG Tank is a mod- ular, aboveground containment solution. The MAG Tank provides operators with a flexible, customizable footprint, multiple capacities and a solution that reduces truck traffic compared to individual frack tanks, the company said. MAG Tank's design features a modular approach with standardized panels. Con- tainment capacities start at 10,000 bbl with designs that exceed 100,000 bbl. Multiple heating options are available. H 2 O Midstream LLC H 2 O Midstream LLC is a private-equity-funded midstream company focused exclusively on water. The company builds, owns and operates long-term water infrastructure that is designed to help pro- ducers improve the reliability, efficiency and safety of water operations while also lowering costs. The company is active in all major producing basins within North America. Midstream services provided encompass the com- plete water life cycle including sourcing, transporta- tion, storage, distribution and reuse of fresh, brackish and produced water as well as the gathering and dis- posal of hydraulic fracturing flowback and formation water over the life of the lease. "H 2 O Midstream focuses on creating value for all customers and stakeholders through a proven third-party midstream approach to operating assets, structuring long-term contracts and managing risk," the company said. Halliburton Halliburton provides technologies designed to min- imize water costs and increase hydrocarbon produc- tion. The company addresses water management challenges from surface to subsurface with pro- cesses, tools and expertise. Halliburton assists operators in capturing and treating complex fluids in agreement with local regu- lations. The company also helps operators repurpose produced waters for use in oil and gas operations and other applications. Halliburton developed water-based polymer systems and sealants that have limited the flow of produced formation water into the wellbore. The company's relative permeability modifier technology provides water-oil separation in downhole conditions and has reduced water production, according to the company. In addition, the simpler fluid chemistry and the nonrequirement for crosslinker make Halliburton's OmegaFrac fluid practical and economical for use in a wide variety of produced water. Hydrasep Hydrasep helps operators treat their fracture flow- back water and produced water in-line and on site. This results in zero oil releases into ponds or stor- age, less loading on post-treatment processes like desalination, less work on the backend and less time on site. HYDRASEP technology helps with water process treatment and is designed to lower operating cost. The company's separation units pretreat wastewater reducing downstream chemical consumption, filter- ing needs and system upsets. The technology also will treat recirculation cooling water, extending the life of pumps and spray nozzles, maintain product integrity and reduce downtime, according to the company's website. The technology also recovers groundwater contaminants. Hydrozonix Hydrozonix is a water management company that offers consulting, technology and services to reduce risk and operating cost by optimizing water quality and use throughout the fracturing water cycle. The company's crews, products and services are used by major and independent operators working in uncon- ventional oil and gas throughout the U.S. Hydro- zonix operates in North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wyoming and has treated more than 100 MMbbl of water in five basins as of October 2015. The company offers treatment and recycling of produced, brackish and fresh waters either on site or off site as well as pit/impoundment treatment and management. Services include optimization of chemical treatment programs in gathering systems, A custom-designed Hydrasep handles both oils heavier than water and lighter than water. (Photo courtesy of Hydrasep)

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