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JANUARY 2017 | DATA-DRIVEN OIL FIELDS | EPMAG.COM 8 and systemwide security. The system was designed for rapid deployment in either single or multisite applications or as a retrofi t in brownfi eld applications. Released in October 2016, the Roxar MPFM 2600 M modular multiphase fl owmeter is a fl exible wellhead tool that provides users real-time insight into well fl ow characteristics and is part of a scalable multiphase product family that meets varying fi eld requirements. Emerson's Roxar software suite includes METTE, a flow assurance and virtual metering system that connects to commercial reservoir simulators such as Tempest MORE. The latest version of the RMS reservoir characterization and Tempest ENABLE uncertainty analysis tools provide a Big Loop solution, integrating static and dynamic domains, enabling the best-quantified risk in the model, and extending from seismic interpretation to production optimization. Finally, a new application programming interface will enable operators to customize workflows and analyze models in innovative ways. Expro Expro offers its CaTS cableless telemetry technology for wireless reservoir monitoring and control. The battery-powered data transmission system can be used in any well monitoring appli- cation where real-time data are required. CaTS' Advanced Res- ervoir Testing is designed to reduce reservoir uncertainty during appraisal and optimize fi eld de- velopment plans, according to a company brochure. In addition, Expro's 360-de- gree ViewMax well intervention camera proved successful in the Gulf of Mexico (GoM) recently. The camera was used to con- fi rm the integrity and sealing surfaces of the wellhead/tubing spool. After reviewing the re- sults from ViewMax, the GoM operator decided not to pull the tubing spool to retrieve debris, saving more than $10 million and rig time during the well completion, according to an April press release. ViewMax also can be applied in deepwa- ter riser/BOP inspection. Expro's EdgeX, a Win- dows-based acquisition and management system, supplies data for well testing, extended production tests and platform process plant monitoring. The system offers real-time data monitoring, processing and logging; graphical user interface for live data and trending; visual and audible alarm monitoring; communications; data export and reporting; and live data streaming via data and desk customers away from the well site. GE GE provides hundreds of measurement and sensing products for the oil and gas industry. The company offers sensors, probes and transmitters designed to withstand the harshest industrial environments. For example, GE's downhole sensor captures real-time downhole data for artifi cial lift systems and com- municates those data to surface units where it can be accessed remotely. These sensors can operate in temperatures of up to 400 C (752 F). In addition, Naxys A10 detects and identifi es a leak source using sound analysis processing software that automatically alerts the topside operator. GE also offers condition monitoring and diagnostics prod- ucts. Among those, the Krautkramer USM Vision+ phased array fl aw detector combines high-quality images with easy operation and can be used for a variety of applications, like corrosion inspection. Additionally, GE uses tools like the Spectral Gamma Ray Log and Compensated Neutron Log to obtain data about the properties of a reservoir zone and its formation porosity, which help identify potential zones of interest. The Spectral Gamma Ray Log is used to differentiate between the thermal energy levels of potassium, uranium and thorium elements found in formations, and the Compensated Neutron Log measures formation porosities for sandstone, limestone or dolomite formations. The Resistivity Micro Imager provides geologists with the ability to measure and visualize fi ne details of the wellbore wall, enabling the operator to view and analyze geological features, understand complex structures, and depth match and orient cores. The information about fractures and their networks, structural and stratigraphic dip, permeability paths and bar- riers can be used to develop enhanced fracturing programs for increased production and also to aid future well placements. GE also offers nondestructive testing technology and equip- ment including radiography, computed tomography and re- mote visual inspection. Halliburton Halliburton offers end-to-end software and services for the exploration and appraisal, reservoir, drilling, production and information management life cycles. DecisionSpace Platform, a common, open-source platform with integrated information management, was designed for geoscientists and engineers to collaborate in real time to fi nd and develop oil and gas assets. The software interprets all oil and gas data, models and simulates, evaluates and prior- KEY PL AYERS KEY PL AYERS KEY PL AYERS Expro's downhole video services give a real picture of the wellbore. (Photo courtesy of Expro)

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