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JANUARY 2017 | DATA-DRIVEN OIL FIELDS | EPMAG.COM 6 project execution and progressive handover into operations integrity management. Baker Hughes Baker Hughes offers a wide range of geological and geomechan- ical modeling and hydraulic fracturing design and simulation software to help operators better understand potential fi eld performance and make informed decisions about fi eld devel- opment, operations and production enhancement. The JewelSuite subsurface modeling software enables users to rapidly build geological models and run multiple scenarios in complex settings. From 1-D well-centric models to static full- fi eld 3-D models, GeoMechanics software provides operators with greater insight to optimize performance. The MFrac Suite enables users to target the most productive zones, determine effective fracture treatments and monitor reservoir stimulation in real time. Baker Hughes also provides predictive analytics software and surveillance services to monitor and forecast production and predict and mitigate potential production risks as they happen. The AMBIT surveillance platform supports real-time deci- sion-making to optimize production. FieldPulse model-based analytics software provides operators with a clear line of sight into thousands of wells and can be used within the cloud to monitor and optimize production. These platforms can be combined with modeling solutions to provide a comprehensive fi eld surveillance solution for assets of all types and sizes. Cisco Cisco provides security solutions to protect industrial con- trol networks. The company's visibility-driven, threat-focused security model addresses the entire threat continuum. With this model, a real-time accurate picture is delivered of the network, devices, data and applications, allowing more control of the environment and the ability to mit- igate threats, the company said. The model can identify false-positives and assess the impact of a threat, allowing easier decision-making and quick response. To manage cybersecurity risks in industrial control networks, the company offers Secure Ops. Cisco Secure Ops is an integrated and standardized product designed to defend industrial control systems and SCADA networks, improve effi ciency and reduce site downtime, the company said on its website. Cisco also offers technologies to reduce unauthorized access and protect networks, devices, applications, users and data. These include video surveillance solutions, incident response systems and access control. In addition, Cisco offers real-time analytics with SAP HANA to help reduce exploration and operations costs with instant visibility into mass volumes of data. "SAP HANA is a hardware and software solution that integrates SAP business applications and analytics into business processes in real time" based on its in-memory computing architecture, the company said. Whereas traditional analysis based on disk-based data warehouses can take days or weeks, SAP HANA is designed to deliver the same results in seconds or minutes. The company also offers Cisco Collaborative Operations, which allow workers in the fi eld and experts in the offi ce to share applications at the same time across multiple job sites, incorporating video surveillance, radio and chat. DNV GL With its origins stretching back to 1864, DNV GL provides classifi cation, technical assurance, software and independent expert advisory services. DNV GL is working toward data smart solutions in all areas, including building cloud-enabled digital asset ecosystems for cus- tomers in the maritime, oil and gas, renewable and power sectors. For example, DNV GL's digital twin covers all phases of an assets' life cycle. It integrates data from many different soft- ware products and is a concept that will increase effi ciency and improve risk management as well as enable accessibility, collaboration and insight for users, the company said. Software releases in 2016 include the live quantitative risk assessment view with Safeti, which allows detailed quantitative risk analysis and accurate modeling of hazardous events on fi xed or fl oating platforms. The company also introduced calculation times that are cut to a fraction for hazard and risk assessment for pipelines with a completely new pipeline risk model in Phast and Safeti. Other 2016 releases include Sesam for fl oat- ing structures, which offers a new stability analysis service that allows hydrodynamic and stability analysis on one common KEY PL AYERS KEY PL AYERS KEY PL AYERS A 3-D model of complex geology created by JewelSuite subsurface modeling software is shown. (Image courtesy of Baker Hughes)

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