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JANUARY 2017 | DATA-DRIVEN OIL FIELDS | EPMAG.COM 32 MAINTENANCE guided by lessons from experiences with similar operations. That experience provides insight into the types of benefits CM can deliver for this project. Siemens also brought a hands-on, collaborative approach to the project that has proven valuable in prior engagements. When working closely together with people from different organizations as you integrate a project, you learn how the end users are using their equipment platforms—what their tasks are and how they can be better helped with those tasks. Consider the example of a relatively mundane product: a motor starter. Normally oil and gas producers test motor starters once each year. Working with several customers, Sie- mens learned that it required 2½ hours to test each starter. Yet the Siemens motor starter performs the same test automati- cally in just 10 seconds. This had not been recognized as an issue before the company spoke to and saw the maintenance engineer as he worked. It then became easier to improve the efficiency of many of the operator's required manual tasks. With hundreds of motors on a typical platform, the impact on efficiency and productivity is dramatic. Consider also the example of the oil and gas metering package at Ivar Aasen. The package measures the oil or gas produced and assigns revenue shares to partners and the taxes to be paid to the Norwegian government. This is a critical function, and Norway requires that such equipment be calibrated annually to ensure the accuracy of the package's measurement and calculations. The FMC metering package at the platform in this case contains 280 instruments that have to be calibrated manually. The task would require 40% of an engineer's annual time. The Siemens CM solution for this customer automatically monitors the 280 instruments and documents that recorded measurements are correct—as well as assisting with reporting. The result: Norway will permit the Ivar Aasen customer to extend the manual calibration of the 280 instruments to once every three years instead of annually. Savings As seen by the reduction in offshore maintenance staffing requirements at Ivar Aasen, the savings generated by well-in- tegrated condition monitoring can be significant. In the case of the 280-instrument metering package, CM will dramatically improve an engineer's efficiency and free up time for other tasks. In addition, the validity of the CM approach can justify a reasonable easing of a regulato- ry burden. In the example of the self-testing motor starter, it can also be seen how smarter product design can incor- porate CM technology to create tangible timesavings for maintenance and engineering staff. Perhaps the final takeaway from Ivar Aasen is that multi- ple benefits can be seen when a manufacturer of equipment and technologies essential to the successful operations of an oil and gas platform also understands and integrates CM into its products and proposals. Ivar Aasen receives a rich- er dataflow from innovative sensor technology, and vendor experts provide the support to interpret that data, recognize deviations and recommend responses that will ultimately optimize both productivity and efficiency. ■ Edmund Knutsen is the discipline lead for Integrated Opera- tions at the Ivar Aasen project for Siemens AG. Condition Monitoring Functions at Ivar Aasen ROTATING EQUIPMENT • Vibration / temperature monitoring • Performance monitoring (pumps/compressors) VALVES • Valve monitoring (movement/operations) • PSV monitoring • Valve leakages • Partial stroke • Shutdown analysis • Control valve monitoring PROCESS • Control loop monitoring • Heat exchanger ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT • UPS: Performance/batteries • Transformers: winding temp/hot spot/load • VSD: temperatures/fans/max-min current • HV Switchgear: gas condition/unbalance/ temperatures/currents • LV Switchgear: earth fault/phase loss/current unbalance/wear • HV/LV Breaker: unbalance/breaking current/ number of operations INSTRUMENT AND AUTOMATION • Instrument diagnosis (Hart) • Transmitter monitoring • ICSS diagnosis: loops, modules, power supplies, servers +++ • Computer monitoring • Network monitoring: switches/cables • Cabinet monitoring: temperatures/MCBs/ power supplies/fans • Telecom systems monitoring • Computers

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