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13 EPMAG.COM | DATA-DRIVEN OIL FIELDS | JANUARY 2017 management, and data management and interoperability. Para- digm's software and services address challenges associated with conventional reservoirs, deepwater assets, development fi elds, unconventional assets and geothermal fi elds. Released in 2016, Paradigm 15.5 is an extended version of the Paradigm 15 high-defi nition platform. Paradigm 15.5 is designed to help users maintain and improve profi tability through enhancing effi ciency while lowering risk and cost. Paradigm 15.5 enables users to re-rank and re-qualify known prospects; refi ne older assessments of recoverable volumes for a more accurate evaluation of an assets' worth; and recover, process and visualize all available data from seismic data for better imaging and property distribution. Additionally, Paradigm's patented EarthStudy 360 system is a full-azimuth angle domain imaging and analysis technology, which was developed to recover high-resolution data that are frequently lost with standard seismic imaging procedures. "The processing method can recover and separate specular and diffraction energy from recorded seismic data. The process maps and decomposes the fully recorded seismic wavefi eld into angle/azimuth components, in-place and in-depth, without integration or stacking, so that the lower energy associated with subsurface diffractions can be isolated and subsequently enhanced," the company said on its website. Petrolink Petrolink offers advanced wellsite data management, real-time data solutions, engineering analytics and drilling optimization services for oil and gas operators. The company has 17 global locations, 350-plus active rigs, serves more than 40 countries and has 13 real-time operations centers. Petrolink's Digital Well File service categorizes, organizes and archives fi les in a central repository where data can be securely and easily accessed and distributed from anywhere on any device. Petrolink also has an analytics system "designed from the ground up to manage and interact with large volume data across an entire company's well and rig count," the company said on its website. "For Petrolink customers, this means they can im- mediately use real-time data to identify and infl uence drilling activities that may result in lower NPT [nonproductive time], informed decisions and confi dence in the decision process. The added benefi t is that this corporate information is now available as an asset for further analysis and learnings." Additionally, the company's RigMetrix rig performance monitoring and analytical reporting technology collects rig surface sensor data and analyzes the rig activity state in real time. RigMetrix's customizable reporting allows users to track and display a full range of key performance indicators (KPIs). NPT is identifi ed and reduced by analyzing these KPIs over a specifi ed time interval or depth interval, the company said. Quorum Quorum offers integrated software for upstream operations, from the back offi ce to the fi eld. For land, Quorum's software allows users to manage the entire life cycle of land assets with a complete system for land acquisition, land management, geographic information system (GIS) and more. Users can visualize, analyze and understand land assets with fully inte- grated GIS mapping that provides extensions to Esri ArcGIS. Fully integrated with Quorum for land and ROW management, Quorum's GIS provides an enterprisewide approach to visu- alizing data in a spatial (map) view from systems inside and outside of the organization. For fi eld operations, the company's software allows operators to integrate fi eld operations with smart tools for fi eld data capture, production management, SCADA and measurement. Quorum's fi eld operations suite integrates and automates fi eld data capture, SCADA, PGAS measurement and allocations, enabling deci- sion-ready data through connected, lean operations. Quorum's fi eld operations suite also is designed to provide solutions for Fracture determination using EarthStudy 360 full- azimuth reflection angle gathers is shown. (Image courtesy of Paradigm) Fracture determination using EarthStudy 360 full- A graphic shows the RigMetrix Optimization Workfl ow. (Image courtesy of Petrolink)

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