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KEY PL AYERS JANUARY 2017 | DATA-DRIVEN OIL FIELDS | EPMAG.COM 12 an organization, allowing disparate teams, partners, suppliers and customers to connect. In addition, Microsoft PPM for oil and gas allows users to track drilling site readiness, capture front-end project informa- tion, schedule crews and equipment, and optimize rig schedules. NetApp NetApp's products include hybrid storage, enterprise all-fl ash storage and cloud storage. The company also offers services for storage modernization, high availability and performance, cloud transformation, data protection, data management and storage operations. NetApp ONTAP FlexGroup is a massively scalable, high-per- formance network-attached storage container ideal for the latest generation of applications in oil and gas. FlexGroup allows users to scale a single container up to 20 PB and 400 billion fi les. The company released the NetApp ONTAP 9 operating system in May 2016. This enterprise data management soft- ware combines new levels of simplicity and flexibility with powerful capabilities and efficiencies, according to a press release. With ONTAP 9 software, enterprises can quickly integrate the best of traditional and emerging technologies, incorporating flash, the cloud and software-defined archi- tectures to build a data fabric foundation across on-premises and cloud resources. Additionally, FlexPod Datacenter with Citrix XenDesktop and NVIDIA GRID provide a complete virtual desktop solu- tion. By incorporating technologies from NetApp, Cisco, Citrix and NVIDIA, it enables remote 3-D visualization to a mobile workforce for upstream oil and gas operations. FlexPod Da- tacenter provides "secure, remote 3-D access to geology and geophysics applications and data for geographically dispersed, cross-disciplinary teams to improve collaboration and accelerate decision-making," a company brochure stated. FlexPod Datacenter delivers 3-D visualizations to team mem- bers locally, at a remote offi ce or in the fi eld. The company boasts that the workforce eliminates the infrastructure challenges created by ever-growing datasets and allows users to share the results of visualization across organizational boundaries while keeping valuable datasets secure. As part of the product, NetApp FAS (fabric-attached storage) "reduces overall storage costs while delivering the necessary integrated operations perfor- mance for virtual desktop infrastructure in conjunction with demanding geology and geophysics applications," the brochure stated. NetApp FAS "supports both all-fl ash and hybrid storage confi gurations to create an optimal storage platform for visu- alization needs." NOV National Oilwell Varco (NOV) operates out of three segments: NOV Rig Systems, NOV Wellbore Technologies and NOV Com- pletion & Production Solutions. The company offers its drilling and intervention software called Jar Placement Software as well as its ConneXion drilling performance software. The ConneXion drilling performance software addresses wellbore construction challenges. Using downhole and/or sur- face data to gather real-time drilling dynamics, NOV provides high-value options that increase ROP, reduce nonproductive time, deliver a high-quality wellbore and monitor safety during drilling operations, the company said on its website. The Jar Placement Software determines the optimal place- ment for a jar in the bottomhole assembly (BHA). "This software performs the required calculation to fi nd acceptable placements options and to optimize the impact using the stress wave. First priority is given to protecting the jar by preventing the tool from being exposed to forces that exceed the operating parameters of the tool. Within a given range of acceptable safe placement locations in a BHA, [NOV] can select the optimal placement for the jar to increase the impact forces that can be applied to the stuck point based on a theoretical guess of the most likely location that the drillstring may get stuck," the company said on its website. Additionally, NOV's BlackStream along-string measure- ment (ASM) tool is a collar-based downhole drilling dynamics measurement product that provides streaming visualization of downhole data. BlackStream ASM tools obtain temperature, annular and bore pressure, rotational velocity, and three-axis vibration data at high frequencies. These data are then analyzed to enable the tool to identify drilling challenges. Paradigm Paradigm is the largest independent developer of software- enabled products to the global oil and gas industry. The company offers products and services for seismic processing and imag- ing, interpretation and modeling, reservoir characterization, reservoir engineering, drilling, reservoir-driven production Remote 3-D visualization allows a mobile workforce to view the latest subsurface images on any client device—without local data copies. (Photo courtesy of NetApp) Remote 3-D visualization allows a mobile workforce to view

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