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KEY PL AYERS JANUARY 2017 | DATA-DRIVEN OIL FIELDS | EPMAG.COM 10 itizes prospects before drilling and also maximizes the full recoverable potential of the reservoir during production, the company said. Halliburton also offers reservoir management software for managing and maximizing asset potential. Earth modeling capabilities help geomodelers integrate geoscience data to build the most accurate earth model while assessing uncertainty. Reservoir simulation tools help reservoir engineers assess short- and long-term implications of different development strategies and uncertainties toward helping to improve pro- duction forecasting. The DecisionSpace Collaborative Well Planning and Well- Plan engineering software are combined with reporting appli- cations to help engineers determine what they "should be able to access from the reservoir and how to optimize plans and operations to achieve it," the company said on its website. The Engineer's Data Model standardizes drilling and completion data for use in various applications. DecisonSpace Production Allocation and DecisionSpace Production Monitoring help allocation professionals and production engineers track and monitor current production. DecisionSpace Well Integrity Management alerts well integrity engineers to anomalies that could lead to integrity problems. The PPDM-based Production Data Model standardizes pro- duction data for use in various applications. Honeywell Honeywell offers a range of digital safety solutions to the oil and gas industry that connect workers and responders with real-time situational awareness. The AreaRAE Pro is a next-generation wireless, transportable, GPS-enabled, multithreat monitor that collects information on meteorological conditions and simultaneously detects a broad range of threats including toxic and combustible gases, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and radiation. While monitoring for hazardous conditions, AreaRAE Pro uses wireless technology to communicate threats in real time up to 3 km (2 miles) to a host receiver, where critical information is conveyed via remote software so that connected responders and decision makers across the enterprise have increased situational awareness to make faster, more informed decisions. AreaRAE Pro's detection capabilities give safety managers in the oil and gas industry real-time critical information via a digital platform and advanced sensing technology. AreaRAE Pro accommodates up to seven sensors that can be easily switched out as needs change. Users can select from over 20 sensors for Halliburton software provides an unmatched application suite to interpret all oil and gas data, model and simulate, evaluate and prioritize prospects before drilling and also maximizes the full recoverable potential of the reservoir during production. (Image courtesy of Halliburton)

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