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ARTIFICIAL LIFT TECHBOOK: KEY PLAYERS 8 | May 2016 | systems, progressive cavity pumping systems, hor- izontal surface pumping systems, gas-lift systems, surface electrical control systems, and monitoring and automation services. One of Baker Hughes' latest artifcial lift offer- ings include the FLEXPump series of ESP systems, which are designed to provide operators with oper- ational fexibility in dynamic well conditions to minimize ESP system changeouts and nonproduc- tive time. The pumps can be applied to conven- tional oil felds, low fow rate mature oil felds and unconventional resource plays. The pump designs reduce the total hydraulic thrust in both upthrust and downthrust conditions allowing the pumps to operate in a wider operating range. In addition, the FLEXPumpER extended-range pump provides a wide operating range for ESP systems in applications with rapid production declines. This pump is designed to expand the oper- ating range of the ProductionWave FLEXible pro- duction offering for unconventional oil wells. The FLEXPumpER offers a fow range from 50 bbl/d to 2,900 bbl/d. Another product released in the last year includes the company's CENesis PHASE multiphase encap- sulated production system (released in December 2015). The product is designed to help operators avoid production interruptions in unconventional wells by separating natural gas from the fuid stream before it can enter the ESP system. Also in December, Baker Hughes began its frst feld trial of its LEAP adaptive production system. The system was installed at a depth of 5,200 ft in the Mississippi Lime in Oklahoma for SandRidge Energy and delivered 300% greater oil production and 200% higher natural gas production compared to the previous artifcial lift system, according to a January 2016 press release. Borets Borets is focused on the design, manufacture, sales and service of electric submersible pumping (ESP) systems. Headquartered in Dubai and Houston, the company operates in 24 countries. The company's new products include the continued expansion of permanent magnet motor technology. These products include bottom-driven progressing cavity pumps, high-speed ESP systems and highly effcient ESP confgurations, according to the company. In addition, Borets offers a high-temperature system capable of operating in and designed to improve runlife in the steam-assisted gravity drain- age environment. In 2015, Borets released the WR2 ESP system. This system uses a new way of manufacturing an ESP stage, a permanent magnet motor and a uni- versal drive capable of operating both induction and permanent magnet motors. It also includes a monitoring system integrated with Borets real-time monitoring capabilities. This ESP system can be used for offshore, high-horsepower and unconven- tional wells. Direct Drivehead Inc. Founded in 2006, Direct Drivehead Inc. is most known for its Smart Pumper, a web-based SCADA system with multiple software applications for the oil, gas and water industries. It is ideal for greenfelds and to control and monitor artifcial lift devices like electric submersible pumps, progres- sive cavity pumps, tower pumps as well as control disposal systems, pipelines, tank farms and more. The Smart Pumper platform, certifed and released in December 2012, interfaces with and manages variable frequency drives. It has built-in commu- nication that works with any cell provider in any country and provides radio and 802.11 options. The WR2 "wear resistant wide range" ESP system offers a new stage design and manufacturing process for extended runlife and gas production. (Photo cour- tesy of Borets)

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