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ARTIFICIAL LIFT TECHBOOK: CASE STUDY | May 2016 | 43 I n these trying times, enhancing operational value is of primary importance. In the uncontrollable and persistent low commodity price environment that the industry is currently faced with, the only way to enhance value is to focus on operational costs. Oil and gas assets that provide operational challenges like corrosion, organic/inorganic deposition, emulsion and other naturally occur- ring challenges that reduce production by inter- fering with and reducing the effciency of the concerning artifcial lift system can be efficiently controlled with a cost-effective chemical placement system. The per- formance of which is greatly enhanced when the appropri- ate chemical is placed at the inlet of the bottomhole pump. A very successful way to transport chemical downhole is with a continuous capillary line. When properly controlled, a capillary line injection system can reduce chemical costs by as high as 80% when compared to batch and casing annulus injection from the wellhead. A capillary line is proven to greatly reduce downtime, improve effciency and ultimately reduce operational costs. Rod pump challenges When considering a reciprocating rod pump artifcial lift system there is additional complexity for chemical conveyance in that the production tubing is anchored and placed in tension. The anchor is positioned above the reciprocating rod pump and therefore acts as a New continuous capillary line tool helps deliver chemical downhole with improved effciencies and reduced operational costs. Enhancing Value by Maximizing Production, Minimizing Operational Cost By Darren Wiltse Progressive Completions Ltd. FIGURE 1. A capillary line bypasses the anchor to ultimately terminate into the rod pump inlet, and the anchor requires a quarter turn to set protecting the capillary line. (Image courtesy of Progressive Completions Ltd.)

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