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ARTIFICIAL LIFT TECHBOOK: TECHNOLOGY | May 2016 | 21 achieved, resulting in greater production in reserve recovery," said Nichols. "By working with multidisciplinary teams, we are able to infuence the well design including, creating an ESP-friendly tangent in the curve section and the size of the completion of the unconventional wells. "Ultimately what we're trying to do in that ESP- friendly zone—in that curve section—is create a spot where you have a lesser deviation or you have lesser dog legs. That allows us to reduce the torsional stress on the equipment which is going to result in greater reliability in production. For example, our CENesis CURVE system is designed to get through up to a 25-degree per 100 ft deviation, which allows us to get closer to the producing reservoir," he said. Selection, design considerations For Halliburton, delivering reliable lift application with fawless execution at the lowest total cost to the customer through the use of ESPs in high gas, high sand environments is a primary focus, accord- ing to Chuck Ervin, vice president of artifcial lift. "LIFTRight defines Halliburton artificial lift design of service. First is LIFT Design, the application using our Simulift software application. It helps us size the necessary equipment to optimized produc- tion in an multiphase environment. Second, is LIFT Execution, fawless installation and commissioning of the ESP system at the wellhead and the third is LIFT Optimization, extending uptime and run life through the use of InteLIFT automation," he said. "The fourth—LIFT Review—is where we com- bine the dismantle investigation of the equipment removed from the well with optimization data to determine how the equipment ran in the well so that when we do the next installation, we're able to lever- age the learnings to drive the LIFT Right continuous process improvement."

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