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ARTIFICIAL LIFT TECHBOOK: KEY PLAYERS 16 | May 2016 | single-pad, dual-pad, brush, spiral, spiral with rifing and the Pacemaker plunger. The Pace- maker plunger is designed to eliminate the need for any shut-in time, to remove more wellbore fuid by making more trips per day, and it has the ability to fall in the well against fow, according to the company. Tenaris Tenaris, a supplier of premium sucker rods and related services, has production facilities in Argen- tina, Brazil, Mexico and Romania. A new U.S. mill is under construction in Conroe, Texas, that will bring the company's global production capacity to more than 4 million units (30.4 million meters [100 million feet]) once completed. Tenaris offers two new technologies: the Blu- eRod premium sucker rods and the HolloRod Series. BlueRod technology addresses beam pumping failures related to high loading by pro- viding a connection with the same loading capac- ity as the rod body. The HolloRod Series consists of hollow sucker rods developed by the company's R&D team to increase the reliability of progressive cavity pump operations and offer an alternative to unconven- tional beam pumping applications. The HolloRod sucker rods decrease premature failures due to rod pin breakage caused by over torqueing during well operations and have fewer tubing wear failures. They also reduce backspin effect and handling problems because installation does not require special tools. Unico Unico Inc. provides variable frequency drives and controls for electric submersible pumps, hydrau- lic pumping units, progressive cavity pumps (PCPs) and sucker rod pumps. The company's mechanical lift systems include its LRP linear rod pumps, PCPs, CRP crank rod pumps and HAP hydraulically actuated pumps. The company also offers pump controllers and remote monitoring. In 2015, Unico released its Pump Clean algo- rithm, which is installed within the company's LRP units to clear debris from pumps. Pump Clean vibrates the pump at strategic frequencies for about two minutes to dislodge debris. This is accomplished entirely with software, not requiring any additional hardware or equipment beyond a standard LRP unit itself. It can be executed in one of three ways: remotely (through telemetry), at the drive keypad or automatically. Weatherford Weatherford, which offers multiple forms of arti- fcial lift, designs optimized artifcial lift systems Tenaris is a supplier of premium sucker rods and re- lated services for the energy industry. (Photo courtesy of Tenaris) The STP is an alternative to standard rod pumps in wells with high sand production and temperatures up to 182 C. (Image courtesy of Weatherford)

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