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ARTIFICIAL LIFT TECHBOOK: KEY PLAYERS 14 | May 2016 | of gas-lift valves, mandrels, plunger lift and down- hole equipment. In addition to the Houston-based company's artifcial lift product lines, it also pro- vides packer and completion tools and offers service and installation along with production optimiza- tion, production analysis and well modeling. Priority can manufacture any size gas-lift or plunger-lift equipment with any material for world- wide distribution. In November 2015, the company released its INSTEP lubricator. The multipurpose lubricator is the control center of the plunger-lift system. It manipulates the operation of the plunger by means of a catch using inputs from manual operation or an automatic controller. It harnesses the energy of a returning plunger and diverts sales fuids/gases to production storage facilities. It was tested as work- ing up to 3,000 psi. The company is increasing its focus on production and optimization products in 2016. In January 2016, the company released its new Free Cycle Plunger, which is designed for gas- lift assist (e.g., to cut paraffn). Schlumberger Schlumberger offers a variety of artifcial lift prod- ucts that include electric submersible pumps (ESPs), a rigless ESP replacement system, gas lift, horizontal surface pumps, surface electrical equipment and services, sucker rod pumping, production lifting services and progressive cavity pumps (PCPs). Schlumberger's ESP systems include the REDA Maximus ESP system, REDA Continuum uncon- ventional extended-life ESP, REDA Hotline high-temperature ESP system, REDA Coil coiled-tub- ing-deployed ESP system, EZLine low-temperature ESP system, MaxFORTE high-reliability ESP system as well as ESP system components. Schlumberger also offers the DesignRite artifcial lift design and optimization software, LiftPro well optimization ser- vice and LiftWatcher real-time surveillance service. The company's Maximus system, released in 2010, uses exclusive ESP fange connection technology for simpler and more reliable mechanical connections of motors and protectors, according to the com- pany's website. The system features an ESP quick- plug motor lead extension that ensures a leak-tight connection and eliminates the process of taping in the pothead terminals at the well site. Variable-rated for different operating conditions, Maximus sys- tem motors offer fexibility across all ESP wells and applications, including severe weather conditions. Maximus system protector heads feature the same abrasion-resistant bearing system successfully imple- mented in REDA ESP systems for more than 15 years. Cameron, a Schlumberger company, offers sucker rods and progressive cavity pumps. Schlumberger offers artifcial lift products capable of handling a variety of fow rates in both mild and extreme environments. (Image courtesy of Schlumberger)

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