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ARTIFICIAL LIFT TECHBOOK: KEY PLAYERS 12 | May 2016 | deliver better total well performance in unconven- tional and mature felds. The four-step LIFTRight process defnes Hal- liburton Artifcial Lift Design of Service. First is LIFT Design, the application using the company's Simulift software application. It helps Halliburton size the necessary equipment to optimize produc- tion in a multiphase environment. Second is the LIFT Execution, which is fawless installation and commissioning of the ESP system at the wellhead. Third is LIFT Optimization, which extends uptime and runlife through the use of InteLIFT optimi- zation. The fourth is called Lift Review, where the company combines the dismantle investigation of the equipment removed from the well and opti- mization data to determine how the equipment ran in the well. Then when Halliburton does the next installation, the company is able to leverage the learnings to drive the LIFTRight continuous process improvement. John Crane John Crane offers design, manufacturing, installa- tion, commissioning, service and repair of rod pumps and sucker rod products for artifcial lift systems. The company provides numerous rod pumps for various applications. These include tubing pumps and rod pumps with heavy-wall barrels, tubing pumps and rod pumps with thin-wall bar- rels, hollow tube pumps, gas bailer pumps and self-cleaning plungers. The company's sucker rod offerings include the Series 200 next-generation fberglass sucker rod, corrosion-resistant fiberglass sucker rods for heavy loads and steel sucker rods that are avail- able in a variety of grades. In July 2015, John Crane released the next-generation Series 200 corrosion-resistant fiberglass sucker rods, which offer added fex- ibility, particularly in more challenging well conditions, according to the company. The Series 200 removes stuck pumps with a one-time pull load capacity. This line also features a predictive end ftting failure mode at the connecting pin that alleviates fberglass splintering and broom-sticking. Liberty Lift Solutions LLC With more than 125 years of combined experience in the artifcial lift business, Houston-based Liberty Lift Solutions provides beam pumping units, gas- lift systems and hydraulic jet pumps. Liberty Lift also works with JJ Tech to offer hydrau- lic jet pump units that include a surface power fuid system, prime mover, surface pump and downhole jet pump. This provides "a solution to deviated or hori- zontally drilled wells at depths ranging from 1,000 ft to 18,000 ft [305 m to 5,486 m] and well production to 20,000 bbl/d, with high fowbacks of contaminated production fuids," the company said on its website. In 2015, JJ Tech (with its design development) and Liberty Lift (with its distribution and service support) combined the Select-Jet pump with a Hydra-Cell T-series diaphragm pump from Wanner Engineering into the Ultra-Flo system. The Select- Jet pump allows the operator to run in normal or reverse fow without having to use a sliding sleeve and without having to pull the completion. National Oilwell Varco Artificial lift technologies provided worldwide by National Oilwell Varco (NOV) under the The Series 200 removes stuck pumps with a one-time pull load capacity. (Image cour- tesy of John Crane) A pair of Liberty Lift HE pumping units are shown run- ning in the Eagle Ford Shale of South Texas. (Photo courtesy of Liberty Lift)

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