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ARTIFICIAL LIFT TECHBOOK: KEY PLAYERS 10 | May 2016 | velocity of 229 m/min (750 ft/min). After install- ing Sasquatch, the automation system recorded plunger surface velocities greater than 366 m/ min (1,200 ft/min), which is 60% higher than the average velocity, according to the case study. Flotek Flotek's corporate headquarters are in Houston, with the main production technology offces in Denver. The company is focused on introducing its new products in the U.S. market in the Rockies, Midcontinent and southern oil basins. In January 2015, Flotek acquired International Artifcial Lift LLC, which specializes in the design, manufacturing and service of next-generation hydraulic lifting units. Flotek's technologies range from the propri- etary Petrovalve standing and traveling valves for reciprocating pumps to patented single-well and dual-well Hydra-Lift hydraulic pumping units to a new Genius series of electric submersible pump (ESP) products and services. GE Oil & Gas GE's artifcial lift port- folio includes automa- tion, beam pumping units, completions, data management, downhole monitoring and sensors, electric submersible pump- ing (ESP) systems, gas lift, hydraulic pumping units, plunger lift, progressive cavity pumps, reciprocating pumps and surface pumping systems. GE recently released Lufkin Well Manager (LWM) 2.0, the next-generation rod pump controller designed to offer smarter, more effcient data-gathering capa- bilities and an intuitive interface. The new controller includes a full-color, user-friendly interface, complete with onboard Wi-Fi connectivity. Global Production Solutions Inc. Headquartered in Oklahoma, Global Production Solutions' (GPS) artifcial lift products and ser- vices include electric submersible pumps (ESPs), jet pumping, well testing and repairs. In addition, the company's control and automation offerings for artifcial lift include variable speed drives, motor controllers, switchboards and metering panels. Recently, GPS developed a proprietary program to optimize water transfer and disposal costs. In test- ing, the company said it has reduced electric utiliza- tion by up to 50% while reducing mechanical wear. The company's new reciprocating ESP system consists of a modifed conventional ball and seat pump driven by a reciprocating downhole motor, combined with specifc variable speed drive tech- nology. This unit can be applied where fow rates are below conventional ESP systems, have a high gas-liquid ratio and high dogleg severity, and/or in horizontally completed wells where traditional rod-driven systems are ineffcient and ineffective. The unit also can be applied in low-profle locations or where a small footprint is required. Halliburton Halliburton's artificial lift portfolio includes electric submersible pumps, surface rod pumps, progressive cavity pumps and the InteLift remote monitoring system. Each product is designed to maximize wellbore production at a variety of depths, volumes and conditions over different stages of the well life cycle. Halliburton's REDLift XT production system is a total system concept that delivers artifcial lift applications with service execution. The company's electric submersible systems—wide-range pumps, tougher motors and gas mitigation products—are designed to be reliable, effcient and durable and to The ALiEn 2 plunger lift controller is designed to withstand extreme conditions. (Photo courtesy of Extreme Telematics Corp.) GE recently released the LWM 2.0 rod pump controller. (Image courtesy of GE Oil & Gas)

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