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ARTIFICIAL LIFT TECHBOOK: KEY PLAYERS | May 2016 | 9 DistributionNOW DistributionNOW (DNOW) offers custom rod pump systems and services, hydraulic pumping units, variable frequency drives, wellhead compo- nents, progressive cavity pumps and plunger lift equipment. DNOW's artifcial lift division primar- ily focuses on reciprocating rod pump systems and services in the major shale plays and has 62 rod pump repair facilities in the U.S. and Canada. With the intent to extend run times on rod pump wells and reduce failures, DNOW has organized "Best Practices for Rod Pumping Horizontal Shale Wells" workshops throughout the U.S., where oper- ators and vendors can discuss issues and solutions. In addition, DNOW has released its Global Pump Tracking and Services software program. Dover Artifcial Lift Dover Artifcial Lift offers a complete suite of artif- cial lift products. Dover has been involved in artif- cial lift for 50-plus years with its Norris sucker rods and related products. Driven largely by the unconventional shale boom in the U.S., the company has completed a number of product acquisitions. As a result, Dover Artifcial Lift now offers rod lift brands such as Norris, Har- bison-Fischer, Alberta Oil Tool and Upco. The com- pany also offers progressive cavity pump systems. Elite Multiphase Solutions The V-Pump from Elite Multiphase Solutions (EMS) provides a technical solution for oil and gas wells in harsh producing environments. This pump is designed to eliminate the need for replacement equipment due to wear from high sand concentration, high gas volume fraction and gas slugging, which results in gas locking conditions, unpredictable production decline and repeat interventions. The V-Pump design, which is engineered to have a wide operating range, enables uninterrupted pro- duction from a well's high initial rate to a more mature well's lower rate without having to pull and resize the electric submersible pump. The compa- ny's 538 Series V-Pump has an optimum operat- ing range of 900 bbl/d to 5,000 bbl/d, and the 400 Series V-Pump has an optimum operating range of 200 bbl/d to 2,500 bbl/d. The pump also eliminates the need for a sand flter and tail pipe where sand is present as well as the need for gas separators. Extreme Telematics Corp. Canadian engineering frm Extreme Telematics Corp. (ETC) designs and manufactures plunger lift controllers, sensors, solar panels, chemical injec- tion controllers and general valve control products. ETC's latest product, the Sasquatch plunger velocity sensor, was released in the U.S. in late 2015. The sensor signals the controller/remote terminal unit/SCADA system that a plunger has arrived and also provides the velocity and kinetic energy of the plunger on arrival. In a February 2016 case study, ETC stated that one San Juan Basin producer had a well with a plunger being optimized to a target average DistributionNOW's half-day artifcial lift workshops facilitate learning and professional discussion for its customers across the country. (Photo courtesy of DistributionNOW) The V-Pump is designed to handle solids, gas and heavy oil. (Photo cour- tesy of Elite Multiphase Solutions)

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