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28 | April 2019 | ARTIFICIAL LIFT: KEY PLAYERS data collection, exception-based monitoring and actionable insights. WellAware's platform captures critical produc- tion data and visualizes it in a meaningful way with an online analytics tool that prioritizes action. The company's native iOS and Android apps work without cellular connectivity and are used to configure and view real-time data in the field. Data captured include pressure, temperature, level, flow and electronic flow- meter/remote terminal unit production data within hazardous environments. The system's management operations allow user-configurable grouping of assets as well as list- and map-based visualization of real- time assets and configurable alarms. The mobile app enables rapid alarm acknowledgement, troubleshoot- ing solutions and resolution. WellAware's analytical capabilities include role- based dashboards for field personnel, engineers and executives, along with customized reports without IT or vendor assistance. WellAware offers a full-featured REST API to allow third-party applications to read data directly from the Well- Aware application infrastructure. The company's IIoT system's capabilities include full-stack data intelligence, eliminating the need to deal with separate vendors for network, automation and software. WellAware reported that after imple- mentation of its management system, a major E&P company reported reducing downtime by 75% to 80% and improving operating efficiency by more than 50%. Zedi Inc. Zedi is a technology and services company offer- ing increased oil and gas production with software, automation, artifi cial lift, measurement, laboratory and fi eld solutions. The Zedi SilverJack artificial lift system is an advanced hydraulic pumpjack with an optimization controller combined with Zedi Access, a cloud-based data management system that provides remote mon- itoring, alarming and control. Zedi's artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities paired with Zedi artificial lift solutions have achieved an autonomous optimization func- tionality to improve bottom line results, according to the company's website. Users can have access to a real-time view of every field asset, high-resolution data and two-way communication for precise monitoring and control of assets. ■ Artifi cial intelligence and machine learning capabilities are paired with Zedi's artifi cial lift solutions. (Photo courtesy of Zedi)

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