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Page 28 of 59 | April 2019 | 27 ARTIFICIAL LIFT: KEY PLAYERS uptime by continuing to pump through multiphase conditions. ESP auxiliary equipment, such as gas separators, sand guards and sand screens, are not needed or recommended with the V-Pump. Also, it is operational with any service provider's conventional ESP motor, seal, cable and sensor configuration. According to the company, the V-Pump's operating characteristics offer a much greater speed range and more synergistic benefits with permanent magnet motors than conventional ESPs. In addition, the pump's design can be used with high-viscosity oil and can be reversed to flush the pump. In multiple case studies of wells with extremely high amounts of sand in the Permian Basin, the V-Pump has lasted for several months where ESPs failed in just a few weeks in the same wells. To date, there have more than 270 installations of the V-Pump. Weatherford Weatherford provides products and services for every form of artificial lift from reciprocating rod lift to progressing cavity pumping. As an end-to-end pro- duction solutions provider, the company also pro- vides production optimization hardware, sensors, software and automation technologies. The company's WellPilot ONE universal controller centralizes management of all oilfield equipment to a single piece of hardware. This next-generation controller/remote terminal unit provides automation for the entire field and enables seamless transitions throughout all production and lift phases, which significantly reduces the total cost of ownership. Another artificial lift technology is the sand- tolerant pump (STP), an alternative to standard rod pumps in wells with high sand production. The STP can perform in temperatures up to 182 C (360 F) and has a self-cleaning slippage-fluid filter to keep dam- aging sand out of the plunger-barrel sealing surfaces. In addition, with couplings only at the top and bottom of the rod string, Weatherford COROD con - tinuous rod minimizes the potential for rodstring failures and costly interventions, according to the company's website. WellAware WellAware provides Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) production management and chemical management systems designed to help E&P com- panies capture and use their data for peak oper- ating efficiency. The company's offerings include Veretek's rotor/stator pump design targets multiphase wells. (Image courtesy of Veretek) A field technician uses the WellAware mobile app to determine the overall performance and levels of the various assets. (Photo courtesy of WellAware)

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