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Page 26 of 59 | April 2019 | 25 ARTIFICIAL LIFT: KEY PLAYERS Superior Energy Services Superior Energy Services offers drilling products and services, onshore completion and workover services, production services and technical solutions. Superi- or's Gas Lift division includes onshore and offshore gas-lift equipment. The company provides fit-for- purpose artificial lift offerings through its engineer- ing, optimization and troubleshooting techniques, manufacturing and value-added approach. Superior offers gas-lift design, troubleshooting and optimization classes in the field and in the office for engineers, pumpers and interns. The plunger lift group works alongside the gas-lift group to offer plunger lift as well as gas-lift-assisted plunger lift systems. Superior's plunger lift group manufactures lubricators with ratings of 3,000 up to 15,000; a multitude of plungers, most notably being the dart-style plunger and the Pacemaker plunger; and an assortment of bottomhole assemblies including multistage offerings. The manufacturing team uses well modeling software, 3-D printing and computa- tional fluid dynamics to provide technical solutions. The plunger lift field team provides technical training on site including well model and optimization classes as well as using echometers in the field. With the ability to couple the gas-lift and plunger lift systems in one gas-lift-assisted plunger lift, Superior can offer an artificial lift tool for the life of almost any well. Tally Energy Services Tally Energy Services is a private-equity backed firm with a buy-and-build strategy in specialized North American shale products and services. The com- pany is focused on directional drilling, completion equipment and artificial lift. Tally Energy Services offers artificial lift services via its partner, Tech-Flo Consulting LLC, which Tally acquired in 2017. Tech-Flo, an artificial lift solutions and production equipment company, provides hydraulic lift systems, jet pumps, triplex pumps, separators, equipment packaging and pump maintenance. On March 1, Tally Energy Services acquired Epic Lift Systems, a portfolio company of Intervale Capi- tal. Epic Lift Systems is a provider of plunger lift, gas lift and complementary compression solutions. "The acquisition establishes Tally as a major provider of artificial lift services in the U.S. with extensive field service, applications engineering, product develop- ment and manufacturing capabilities," a company press release stated. Tenaris Tenaris, a supplier of tubes and related services for the world's energy industry, has 50 years of experi- ence in the manufacture of products for artificial lift systems. The company has manufacturing facil- ities in 18 countries with plants in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Romania and the U.S. In July Tenaris will open its sucker rods manufacturing plant in Con- roe, Texas, to serve U.S. customers in their artificial lift systems operations. The $70 million investment is equipped with advanced technologies to opti- mize efficiencies and reduce production times. The new rods mill has the capability to manufacture BlueRod premium sucker rods and X-Torque rods as well as the entire range of API sucker rods for beam and progressive cavity pumping. In December 2018, Tenaris inaugurated a service center in Midland, Texas, to support its sucker rods product segment with the storage, preparation and delivery of rods. The facility includes equipment on site to inject guides of various sizes onto the rods, including the new high-performance rod guide Ten- Flow and the Helix guiding solution. Tenaris' AlphaRod sucker rod series features rods manufactured with enhanced steel grades that are designed for a long life in demanding requirements. The AlphaRod series includes two steel grades, which cover a wide range of applications. The AlphaRod HS (high strength) and AlphaRod CS (critical service) are designed to handle increased A sales technician installed a plunger system featuring Superior's new robust lubricator and basic controller box, and ECHO Meter tracked the plunger as part of the company's optimization process. (Photo courtesy of Superior Energy Services)

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