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24 | April 2019 | ARTIFICIAL LIFT: KEY PLAYERS Sercel-GRC's Spy Pro waterproof ESP gauge is designed to let users continue monitoring well performance when the motor connection is sub- merged in water, resulting in unbroken access to vital data needed. In addition, the company's Data Pro universal datalogger is a high-performance configurable surface acquisition unit that features datalogging, real-time graphing, historical graphing, Modbus communica- tion and gauge configuration. Silverwell Silverwell's Digital Intelligent Artificial Lift (DIAL) production optimization system addresses the chal- lenge of gas-lifted wells operating in a nonoptimal state. The DIAL system allows gas-lift injection rates and depths to be adjusted and monitored in real time downhole. The system is fully digital and electronically controlled and monitored from the surface via a tubing encapsulated cable. It replaces conventional gas-lift mandrels and valves with per- manently installed in-well DIAL units. This elimi- nates wireline interventions and workovers to adjust gas-lift injection rates and depths, along with the associated operational risk, costs and production deferment, according to the company. Silverwell can configure the DIAL system onshore or offshore to suit all gas-lift completion architectures—conven- tional single string, dual string, in situ, intermittent and annular flow. The DIAL in-well unit features up to six injection orifices, each individually controlled from the surface providing multiple available injec- tion rates. When combined with annulus and tubing pressure and temperature sensing capability at each DIAL station, the operator can implement data- driven optimization strategies as well or operating conditions change without incurring the risk and cost of intervention. DIAL overcomes the limitations of existing production and completion equipment, eliminates well intervention and enables an econom- ically enhanced approach to gas-lift production opti- mization, according to the company. Multiple DIAL in-well units are installed in multidrop configurations to provide variable injection rate and depth via local and/or remote monitoring and control. (Image courtesy of Silverwell)

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