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Page 24 of 59 | April 2019 | 23 ARTIFICIAL LIFT: KEY PLAYERS test duration with oil and water volume prediction for 24 hours during any test period. The system installs in the "liquid leg" of a two-phase test sep- arator and can support tests on up to seven wells. The OptiLift rod pump controller is engineered to help maximize return on investment and achieve sustainable operations and operational excellence. This on-site controller can help provide the accurate and flexible control necessary for well production optimization. The control technology also can be packaged with an Allen-Bradley variable frequency drive to create an integrated system for speed con- trol in rod pump applications. The OptiLift virtual flowmeter is designed to optimize production and reduce costs. Engineers are able to view the pressure, temperature and flow rates in real time, which enable them to adapt quickly to uncertain situations. These systems form part of the broader ConnectedProduc- tion system, which has been designed to visualize and optimize onshore oil and gas production from wellhead to point of transfer. Schlumberger Schlumberger's artificial lift offerings include electric submersible pumps (ESP), gas lift, horizontal surface pumps, sucker rod pumping units, progressive cavity pumps (PCPs), production lifting services and real- time monitoring and optimization. The company offers integrated, field-proven lift platforms that include REDA ESP systems, Camco gas-lift valves, Don-Nan sucker rod pump units and KUDU PCP systems, to name a few. These platforms are kept in optimal operating condition by the Schlumberger Lift IQ production life-cycle management service, which offers moni- toring, diagnostics and optimization of artificial lift systems in real time. The Lift IQ service taps into the engineering, manufacturing and surveillance expertise of Schlumberger with access to global service centers 24/7 year-round, according to the company. The Schlumberger LiftSelect strategic production planning service simplifies the process of selecting the artificial lift strategy that will best achieve production goals, based on objective analysis of economic and technical criteria. The service uses available field and reservoir data to model well behavior and maximize asset value by reducing the cost per barrel of hydro- carbon production. Because the lift system is an integral part of the completion, Schlumberger and Production Plus Energy Services formed a joint venture to develop the HEAL horizontal enhanced artificial lift system, which bridges that connection to help ensure opti- mal well productivity. The HEAL system conditions the produced fluid stream, mitigating slug flow to extend natural flow and increase productivity over the life of the well. Sercel-GRC Sercel-GRC provides downhole pressure and tem- perature gauges for artificial lift and permanent monitoring markets worldwide. The company's arti- ficial lift products service electric submersible pumps (ESPs) and progressive cavity pumps as well as gas- lift, sucker rod pump and jet pump applications. The HEAL horizontal enhanced artificial lift system conditions the produced fluid stream, mitigating slug flow to extend natural flow and increase productivity over the life of the well. (Source: Schlumberger) Spy Pro is the only ESP gauge available with a waterproof, metal-to-metal sealed design. (Image courtesy of Sercel-GRC)

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