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22 | April 2019 | ARTIFICIAL LIFT: KEY PLAYERS In March 2018 Novomet developed an abrasion- resistant ESP system with an expanded operating range, according to a news release. "Due to the expanded operating range, it is now possible to reduce the standard range of 362 and 406 series ESP systems with flowrates from 10 to 350 sq m/d from 13 to 3 models. In addition, ImpalaESP is designed to operate at 3,000 rpm and may be driven by an induction motor with a conventional VSD," according to the press release. "As a result, operators will be able to reduce inventory levels, optimize the ESP application process and ultimately cut total costs of oil production." In July 2018, the company announced that pilot operations of its 400-hp 406 series permanent magnet motor were successfully conducted at the Mamon- tovskoye oil field by Rosneft Yuganskneftegaz in February and May last year. The motor "completely confirmed its energy efficiency. The power consump- tion was lower by 13% in contrast to an asynchro- nous motor," a press release stated. "This innovative development enabled the increase of head in the 406 series up to 11,500 ft (2012 bbl/d) and 9,840 ft (3,145 bbl/d), thereby replacing imported ESP systems with similar head and capacity." In September 2018, the company released a new product line of gas separators for trial operations. The separator offers reduced weight and consumes up to two times less energy, a press release stated. Novomet has service centers in 12 countries out- side of Russia. The centers offer a variety of ESP services for well maintenance that include sizing, inspection, transportation, assembling/disassem- bling, testing and supervising. Petroleum Technology Co. Petroleum Technology Co. offers wellhead, gas-lift, chemical injection and other completion solutions. PTC boasts its NexLift series of side-pocket mandrels (SPMs) are the only single-piece unwelded SPMs in the industry. "As no welding is used during the manufacturing process, NexLift SI and NexLift SI-B mandrels can be manufactured from alloys that have traditionally not been used due to poor weld- ability, reducing the costs of the SPMs," the company stated on its website. "PTC's NexLift SI-B mandrel also protects the production casing from potentially harmful fluids and pressure." In addition, PTC's GoLift thru-tubing gas-lift straddle system is designed to offer a cost-effective alternative to workovers where there is a need to ret- rofit new or upgrade existing gas-lift or chemical injection systems, without compromising well integ- rity, the company said. Priority Artificial Lift Services LLC Priority Artificial Lift Services offerings include gas-lift, plunger and completion tools and technologies. The company's services include equipment installation, production optimization, troubleshooting, production analysis, nodal analysis, well modeling, consulting, engineering, training and manufacturing. The company uses its conventional high-pressure gas-lift equipment (rated to 10,000 psi) to accommo- date gas-lift installations on initial completions and in highly developed areas where high-pressure offset fractures are likely. As the wells deplete, Priority has a variety of gas-lift products to accommodate instal- lation of gas-lift valves deeper into the wellbore to maximize production. Typically, the deeper gas-lift system is accompanied with a plunger to create a hybrid gas-lift and plunger lift system. This hybrid system is designed to reduce flowing bottomhole pressure and increase gas-lift efficiency. Priority has nine service locations and a manufac- turing facility in the U.S. Rockwell Automation The Rockwell Automation OptiLift artificial lift sys- tem provides end-to-end smart field operations to oil and gas operators globally. The OptiLift Intel- ligent Net Oil Computer (iNOC) is an engineered system that offers remote connectivity, enhanced visualization, optimized test capacity and improved test duration. The iNOC system is part of a fully connected oil field. The iNOC system improves well The Rockwell Automation intelligent artificial lift systems help oil and gas companies gain better visibility into their operations, optimize production and asset performance, and reduce operating costs. (Image courtesy of Rockwell Automation)

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