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Page 22 of 59 | April 2019 | 21 ARTIFICIAL LIFT: KEY PLAYERS footprint and quick installation, while increasing personnel safety and improving control over oil and gas production. The company provides a full suite of production service hookup equipment for rod pumping and PCP applications, with design focused on achieving better pressure control while maximizing production and minimizing downtime. Additionally, NOV's Universal Wellhead supports the entire life of the well as it transitions from one form of artificial lift to another. The company's PCP system is designed for use in both oil production and dewatering applications. A PCP controller, part of NOV's line of automation products, ensures greater operational efficiency and better control of PCP artificial lift systems. It inte- grates into existing networks to simultaneously mon- itor pump performance and control on/off cycles. The system minimizes downtime and optimizes well performance by automatically changing pump speed. Novomet Russia-based Novomet manufactures electric sub- mersible pump (ESP) systems. The company's tech- nology includes slimline ESPs capable of fitting inside of 4-in. casing; PowerSave ESP systems to reduce power consumption by up to 50%; products for wells with high gas-oil ratios, scale, solids and H 2 S; and a rotary displacement pump for high-vis- cosity fluids. The company's ESP offerings include downhole equipment, surface equipment, and scale preventers and filters. Other artificial lift products include gas-handling, scale and solids management and extreme H₂S environment solutions. Novomet also offers a rigless ESP system, a bypass (Y-tool) system, a progressing cavity pump with topside and downhole motors, and surface pumping. NOV's production service hookup is designed to achieve better pressure control to maximize production and minimize downtime. (Photo courtesy of NOV) Novomet developed the Colibri cable-deployed ESP system to eliminate the cost, complication and time required to mobilize rigs. ESP installation, maintenance and repair can all be carried out using a simple crane and cable, helping operators put their wells back on production sooner and reducing overall lifting costs. (Photo courtesy of Novomet)

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