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20 | April 2019 | ARTIFICIAL LIFT: KEY PLAYERS In February the company opened an additional service center for installing and servicing artificial lift equipment. The new facility is located in Hobbs, N.M. Lightning Production Services Lightning Production Services (LPS) manufactures continuous rod and lined tubing to reduce the frequency of failures in deviated wellbores. These products, along with LPS field services, have been shown to eliminate holes in tubing and rod parts, resulting in reduced failure rates and increased profitability in challenging environments, accord- ing to the company. The company's LightningRod continuous rod eliminates all the couplings in the rod string for the top and bottom connections. Eliminating the cou- plings distributes the side loading between the rods and the tubing along the entire wellbore, reducing the overall impact of deviation. This reduction in the effective side loading leads to longer run lives for both the rod and the tubing strings. LPS' LightningFlo thermoplastic tubular lining is mechanically bonded to the inside diameter of the tubing and can be installed inside of both new and used tubing. The lining provides protection from frictional wear and the corrosive effects of the caustic downhole environment. LightningFlo lined tubing has been shown to extend run times by up to five times in certain applications, according to the company. The company's service offerings include main- tenance and repairs on wells with conventional or continuous sucker rod and other types of artificial lift. The company also provides pump changes, bro- ken rod maintenance, pulls and flushes, polish rod changes, packing or stuffing box changes, drive head maintenance, and fishing services. Materion Materion's ToughMet 3 Sucker Rod Couplings for shale wells operate on an artificial lift rod pump. The couplings help eliminate production interrup- tions caused by sucker rod coupling and production tubing failures in deviated sections of wells. The cou- plings resist galling, mechanical wear, thread dam- age, corrosion and erosion. Materion's ToughMet 3 alloys were originally engi- neered for drilling applications and have more than 30 years of use in directional drilling tools and other oil- field equipment components, such as electric submers- ible pump motor bearings, according to the company. The copper-nickel-tin alloys are spinodally hardened to provide attributes beyond those typically found in high-strength copper alloys. Those attributes include high impact and fatigue strength; corrosion, erosion and wear resistance in most oilfield environments; con- trol fluid compatibility; magnetic transparency; and anti-friction and anti-galling characteristics. ToughMet 3 alloys resist hydrogen embrittlement, chloride stress corrosion cracking and moderate H 2 S environments. A full range of ToughMet couplings are available from local inventories for immediate delivery, includ- ing sucker rod couplings, cross-over couplings, pol- ished rod couplings and the company's new valve rod guide bushing coupling. National Oilwell Varco Artificial lift technologies provided by National Oil- well Varco (NOV) include rod pumping systems, progressing cavity pump (PCP) systems, tubing and rod wear prevention equipment, production service hookup equipment, and automation. NOV's rod pump system includes hydraulic pumping units that are designed to have a smaller This chart depicts the case study results when LightningFlo was used in the Permian Basin on 13 wells. (Image courtesy of Lightning Production Services) Performance Results Without LF115 Lined Tubing With LF115 Lined Tubing 1.6 1.4 1.2 1 .8 .6 .4 .2 0 FAILURE RATE PER YEAR {96% REDUCTION} {31% REDUCTION} {43% REDUCTION} TUBING LEAKS ROD PARTS PUMP FAILURES 1.47 0.06 0.28 0.19 0.22 0.13

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