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Page 20 of 59 | April 2019 | 19 ARTIFICIAL LIFT: KEY PLAYERS technology. Pump technologies include screw pumps, multiphase production systems and re- engineered pumps. The company's screw pumps are designed to with- stand high viscosity and temperature as well as toler- ance for high gas entrainment. In addition, Leistritz's multiphase production systems are designed to lower gathering and wellhead pressure to supplement down- hole pumps and are installed in onshore, offshore and subsea applications. Leistritz also provides startup services, technical assistance, spare parts and repairs as well as technical training and onsite evaluations. This year a global team called Leistritz Upstream Solutions was launched and focuses on new pump-based solutions to further improve oil and gas production. Liberty Lift Solutions LLC Liberty Lift provides artificial lift products including beam pumping units, long- stroke pumping units, gas-lift systems and hydraulic jet pump units. Liberty Lift's HyRate technique is designed to address and improve gas-lift shortcomings and facilitates annular and tubing lift without a workover rig. The tech- nique "incorporates an externally mounted assembly with both special capsule valve mandrels that allow annular flow and conventional mandrels permitting assisted tubing flow," accord- ing to the company. "The conversion from one lift method to another can be accomplished quickly and efficiently with the only use of a wireline to pull or replace the bottom tubing plug." Liberty Lift also works with JJ Tech to offer hydrau- lic jet pump units that include a surface power fluid system, prime mover, surface pump and downhole jet pump. This portable gas engine driven multiphase pump is designed to improve efficiencies. (Photo courtesy of Leistritz) Liberty Lift's EG Pumping Unit works in the Permian Basin. (Photo courtesy of Liberty Lift Solutions LLC)

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