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Page 18 of 59 | April 2019 | 17 ARTIFICIAL LIFT: KEY PLAYERS during the recent oil price downturn. In addition to core artificial lift offerings, its team conducts in-house R&D, acquires emerging technologies in artificial lift and develops enhancements using out-of-industry technology with non-oilfield partners. Endurance also offers onsite training courses to oil and gas executives, production engineers, consultants, production managers and field service technicians. Courses cover downhole pump components, appli- cation/design of a pump, specialty applications for gas and sand, animated examples of downhole con- ditions, and the API method of pump designation. The company offers these services through 25 field locations in the U.S. Extreme Telematics Corp. Private engineering firm Extreme Telematics Corp. (ETC) specializes in designing and manufacturing low-power, hazardous locations certified electronics for industrial applications. ETC's plunger lift product line includes the Cyclops plunger arrival sensor, Sasquatch plunger velocity sensor, the ALiEn 2 plunger lift controller and the Iris wireless bridge. Another ETC development, which tracks kin- etic energy of plunger arrivals with Sasquatch, generates alarms on hard and dangerous impacts at surface. This helps producers use predictive maintenance to extend the lifespan of wellhead equipment, increase safety and reduce trips to the site, according to the company. The business also offers electronic product design services for electronic hardware, firmware, mechani- cal, and test design and implementation. Forland Services LLC Forland Services provides pumping units and related services. Its products include conventional beam pumping units and long-stroke pumping units. The company has developed a new generation of long-stroke pumping units that include a switched reluctance drive (SRD) and integrated control system. The units also feature a planetary gear box and open- looped chain/traveling sprocket transmission system, inner-tower counterweight system and a flexible load belt, according to the company's website. The control cabinet includes an integrated power supply, SRD/ programmable logic controller unit, human machine interface module, physical indicators/buttons and an optional remote access module. "The Forland long-stroke pumping unit can achieve independent upward and downward stroke speeds without a variable frequency drive. This is ben- eficial especially for heavy oil wells, horizontal wells and wells that are prone to gas lock," the company said. "Additionally, stroke lengths are automatically adjusted and the working region of the stroke can be customized with no sacrifice to production capacity." In addition, Forland carries and can provide other oilfield equipment such as hydraulic disc brakes and automatic drillers. Standard and customized gear boxes and structural parts also are available. Flowco Production Solutions Flowco Production Solutions offers a full range of artificial lift services, including gas-lift and plunger lift systems. Among the gas-lift services offered by Flowco are continuous flow gas lift, intermittent gas lift, cas- Endurance Lift Solutions' Series 300 "High Flow" Fiberod features a hybrid wedge design and reduced cross-sectional area, leading to a 47% increase in flow area past the end fitting. (Photo courtesy of Endurance Lift Solutions)

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