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Page 14 of 59 | April 2019 | 13 ARTIFICIAL LIFT: KEY PLAYERS visualize and optimize wellsite performance, increase safety and improve return on investment. Apergy also can custom tailor solutions for customers. Artificial Lift Performance Ltd. (ALP) Artificial Lift Performance Ltd. (ALP) offers a cradle- to-grave solution for management and optimization of electric submersible pump (ESP) and gas-lift pro- duced wells by helping operators understand the key performance indicators related to their artificial lift systems. ALP's software is written by production engineers for production engineers. "The automated well test analytics module provides ESP operating recommen- dations and optimal gas injection rates," the company said. "The diagnosis module offers vendor runlife performance tracking as well as root cause of failure recording and reporting. Management-by-exception processes ensure that opportunities and problems are presented, so that the entire operations team can stay focused on the right priorities." ALP's Pump Checker ESP production optimiza- tion software provides a consolidated view of all the pumps and systems an operator uses to allow engi- neers to react more quickly and efficiently. Pump Checker integrates the data from real-time and static data sources onto a single platform and then arranges the data from all the sources to give a standard pre- sentation for each well. The company also has added an ESP design mod- ule to Pump Checker that allows a complete analysis of pump stage and horsepower requirements over the life of the well. The software allows comparison of different pump types to select the most efficient solution over the life of the well (Figure 1). According to the company, ALP's recommenda- tions have helped several operators boost fieldwide production of more than 5% in thousands of conven- tional and unconventional wells since 2014. In addition to software, ALP can support artificial lift operations through training and consultancy. Baker Hughes, a GE company Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), offers electric submersible pump (ESP) systems, rod lift systems, progressing cavity pumping systems, horizontal surface pumping systems, gas-lift systems, surface electrical control systems, and monitoring and auto- mation services. The company's TransCoil rigless-deployed ESP system, developed with Saudi Aramco, is designed to allow operators to eliminate the need for a rig during ESP workovers, helping them to lower inter- vention costs and minimize deferred production. The system can be installed through 4½-in. production tubing, saving the time and money required to pull the existing completion, which is especially valuable for mature offshore wells, according to the company. By connecting an inverted ESP system directly to the power cable, the TransCoil system eliminates the power cable-to-motor connection as well as an in-well electrical connection. The company's Magnefficient permanent magnet motor, which is designed to improve efficiency by lowering ESP system energy consumption, delivers a higher power density, enabling operators to achieve a higher horsepower with the same motor or the same horsepower with a smaller motor, according to the company. BHGE's artificial lift systems group has 15 key manufacturing facilities located worldwide and FIGURE 1. The pump HP requirements are shown for different pump stages over the life of the well. (Data courtesy of Artificial Lift Performance Ltd.) Date HP 5800 (268 STG) 4300 (268 STG) 3500 (219 STG) Power versus time May '18 Jul '18 Sep '18 0 Nov '18 100 200 300 400 Jun '18 Aug '18 Oct '18 Dec '18

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