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10 | April 2019 | ARTIFICIAL LIFT: KEY PLAYERS AccessESP also provides permanent magnet motor (PMM) technology and has recently released a new high-performance power delivery system for ESP installations. During 2018 AccessESP continued with more installations and supported several live well cleanup interventions. In addition, AccessESP released a life-cycle solution that moves away from the industry's traditional "run-to-fail" method. According to the company, the systematic approach combines AccessESP WRESP equipment, downhole mea- surements and analysis with a unique solution involving equipment preventative maintenance. Ambyint Ambyint provides artifi cial intelligence (AI)-driven artifi cial lift and production optimization solutions that are designed to deliver increased effi ciency with 10%-plus production improvements and reduced opex of 20%-plus. The company integrates tradi- tional physics-based methods with modern AI and machine learning capabilities. Ambyint's AI algo- rithms work by training artifi cial lift systems using real-world data. Rather than telling the system what conditions to monitor, Ambyint's system learns by analyzing all available data to identify parameters that are leading indicators of an issue, such as gas lock or paraffi n buildup, that are not apparent to the average user. The Ambyint platform provides predictive analytics, enhanced real-time visualization of wells, remote visibility and control of the well site. The company has gathered more than 100 million pump operating hours of high-resolution data from artificial lift and monitoring systems, derived from thousands of wells. Enabled by a large-scale training dataset, Ambyint's technology provides continuously updated and tuned models, which enable an inference engine to proactively identify key production issues including detection, characterization and prediction of well anomalies or potential wellhead leaks. By dig- itizing the visual input from millions of dynocards, Ambyint's AI platform is able to perform micro-pat- tern analysis to diagnose downhole and surface anom- alies and optimize well parameters. Ambyint's system works for a variety of lift types, including sucker rod lift, progressive cavity pump and plunger lift. AccessESP's permanent connector (left) and retrievable assembly (right) are key for delivering its differentiated application. (Image courtesy of AccessESP) Ambyint's Amplify real-time controller (orange device on the gray panel) helps improve effi ciencies. (Photo courtesy of Ambyint)

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