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Page 10 of 59 | April 2019 | 9 ARTIFICIAL LIFT: KEY PLAYERS ABB ABB offers a wide range of artificial lift products such as controllers, instrumentation, flowmeters and data analytical software. The company's plunger lift solution is a staple of its automation offering backed by a highly scalable line of controllers and instrumentation and industry expertise, according to the company. ABB's application has improved production, low- ered costs, increased operational efficiency and helped with HSE metrics. Options like the company's auto- tune optimization can automate set point adjustments within limits based on enabled options. Hold options allow automation to assist with non-arrival recovery, high line pressure situations or well pad control sce- narios involving multiwell pad plunger production synchronization. Additional features include the ability to track plunger mileage for a preventative maintenance program, full plunger cycle log history, trending of tubing, casing, line pressure and flow rate as quick as every second, according to the company. ABB's plunger lift application is not a stand- alone solution. Over the life cycle of the well, the software applications natively have the ability to enable artificial lift applications such as gas lift, gas-assisted plunger lift, intermitter, chemical injec- tion and plunger lift. Custom programming is also an option, utilizing the IEC 61131 programming language preferred. AccessESP AccessESP provides rigless thru-tubing wireline retrievable electric submersible pump (ESP) tech- nology. With installations around the world, the company's system is designed to address the high intervention costs and deferred production typical of offshore, remote onshore and high-production ESP wells. The side pocket wet-connect system configu- ration is designed to allow slickline retrieval without killing the well while providing fullbore access to the lower completion when retrieved, without the need for pulling the tubing. These artificial lift key players are focused on innovative developments and cost-cutting technologies. Advancements Are Being Made in Artificial Lift, Automation By Ariana Hurtado, Associate Managing Editor Key Players F rom electric submersible pumps, progressive cavity pumps and gas-lift systems to monitoring and automation services, artificial lift providers continue to improve and develop innovative technologies. With the goal of maximizing production and efficiencies, the following service companies offer artificial lift services in areas ranging from automation, equipment and telecommunications.

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