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50 | November 2018 | OKLAHOMA: REFERENCES Barbee, Darren. "DUG Midcontinent: Oklahoma Governor Touts New Law Allowing Longer Laterals." E&P. Web. 20 Sept. 2017. Becerra, Daniela, Henry Galvis, and Roger Slatt. "Characterizing the Two Principal Rock Types Comprising the Woodford Shale Resource Play: Application to Shale Geomechanics." Interpretation 6.1 (2018): SC67-SC84. Brito, Richard, and Roger Slatt. "Introduction to Special Section: Characterization of the Woodford Shale: Latest Concepts, Techniques and Applications." Interpretation 6.1 (2018): SCi-SCi. Calvin, James, Bill Grieser, and Travis Bachman. "Application of Microproppant in the Scoop Woodford to Improve Well Production." SPE Oklahoma City Oil and Gas Symposium. Society of Petroleum Engineers. 2017. Chen, Xiaofeng, Peter Eichhubl, and Jon E. Olson. "Effect of Water on Critical and Subcritical Fracture Properties of Woodford Shale." Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 122.4 (2017): 2736-2750. Craddock, Paul R., Kyle D. Bake, and Andrew E. Pomerantz. "Chemical, Molecular and Microstructural Evolution of Kerogen during Thermal Maturation: Case Study from the Woodford Shale of Oklahoma." Energy & Fuels 32.4 (2018): 4859-4872. Cronk, B. R., et al. "A Unified and Integrated Approach for Reservoir and Fluid Characterization Using Minimal Production and Well Data for the Mississippian Meramec Interval within the Stack Play of Oklahoma." SPE Liquids-rich Basins Conference—North America. Society of Petroleum Engineers. 2017. Davis, Kendall M., et al. "A Comparison of the Impacts of Wind Energy and Unconventional Gas Development on Land Use and Ecosystem Services: An Example from the Anadarko Basin of Oklahoma, USA." Environmental Management 61.5 (2018): 796-804. Drake, William R., Mark W. Longman, and Jaime Kostelnik. "The Role of Silica Nanospheres in Porosity Preservation in the Upper Devonian Woodford Shale on the Central Basin Platform, West Texas." RMAG/ DWLS Fall Symposium: Geology and Petrophysics of Unconventional Mudrocks. 2017. Elmore, R. Douglas, et al. "Integrated Paleomagnetic and Diagenetic Study of the Mississippian Lime- stone, North Central Oklahoma." (2017). Ghosh, Sayantan, and Seth Busetti. "Prediction of Hydraulic Fracture Damaged Zone Geometries in the Woodford Shale in Arkoma Basin Using Discrete Fracture Network Models." AAPG Southwest Section. American Association of Petroleum Geologists, 2017. Gupta, Ishank, et al. "Rock Typing in the Upper Devonian-Lower Mississippian Woodford Shale Formation, Oklahoma, USA." Interpretation 6.1 (2018): SC55-SC66. Guzman, Bryan, Tiffany Rider, and Joel Walls. "Analysis of New Production Targets in the Springer Shale within the South Central Oklahoma Oil Province (Scoop) Utilizing the Latest Digital Rock Analysis Techniques." The Houston Geological Society Bulletin 59. 7. (2017): 30. Harris, Dustin Matthew. "A Laboratory Investigation into Rock Physics and Fracture Potential of the Woodford Shale, Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma." Diss. Kansas State University, 2017. Additional Information on Oklahoma Plays For more details on Oklahoma plays, consult the selected sources below. By Alexa West Assistant Editor

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