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OKLAHOMA: MIDSTREAM | November 2018 | 33 formed late in 2017 by MVM Midstream, an entity formed by Energy Spectrum and MVP Holdings, and a subsidiary of Chisholm Oil & Gas, to provide midstream services in the Stack. Great Salt Plains Midstream (GSPM) is com- missioning a cryogenic facility in Major County, Okla., called the Silver Lake Plant, which will have an initial capacity to process up to 70 MMcf/d, with expansion capacity of up to 220 MMcf/d. GSPM is also building a 90-plus mile gas gathering system with five compressor stations. The new facilities are currently in service. GSPM also operates a 20 MMcf/d gas processing plant acquired from Thun- derbird Midstream in May of 2018. GSPM has a crude gathering and transporta- tion system with 200-plus miles of pipe, four injec- tion stations (near the towns of Perry, Covington, Hennessey and Cherokee, Okla.), and 314,000 bbl of total storage that provide oil gathering and transportation from northwest Oklahoma to sev- eral important markets, including Cushing and a local refiner. 'Oh what a beautiful morning' "New wells are coming in with high volumes and pressures so, in many cases, they cannot just hook into the existing infrastructure without backing out existing production already on the system," said Benson. "Most of the midstream assets built over the past 10 years or so were focused princi- pally on gas. Now, crude gathering and transpor- tation and water gathering and disposal are just as important. Having all three pipes in the same trench makes a lot of sense. Water disposal will continue to be an issue for both Oklahoma and West Texas. We are working on a project in West Texas that is projected to make 200,000 barrels a day of water. That means moving an ocean every day. The midstream company has to be creative and opportunistic. E&P companies want a comprehen- sive solution, not just one for crude, one for gas and another for water." Rising to that challenge is not a problem, even when the exit strategy is borne in mind, Benson explained. "Buyers are looking for assets in attrac- The Thunderbird 20 MMcf/d cryogenic gas processing facility has been operational since May. (Photo courtesy of Great Salt Plains)

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