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OKLAHOMA: TECHNOLOGY | November 2018 | 29 point in time in terms of cluster and stage effi- ciency of fracking and production." Elsewhere, wired pipe has proven useful for test- ing benchmarks and improving efficiencies based on more accurate downhole information. "We have, over the last year, tested wired drill- pipe," Continental's Gould said. "This has given us actual measurements downhole, whereas pre- viously this information was simulated and calcu- lated. One of the things we learned is that weight on bit was actually about one-third less than what we thought. By understanding that, we were still able to optimize on drilling parameters and add weight at the surface understanding exactly how that transferred to weight on bit. That was very helpful to us in getting more efficiencies in our drilling program. We tested it over a small portion of our program and learned from those tests. That knowledge has now been shared throughout our program for maximum impact." Bit by bit Although Houston-based Apache Corp. has ded- icated about 70% of its annual spend toward its Permian Basin assets in West Texas, the operator maintains a healthy presence in western Okla- homa, including about 45,000 net acres in the Scoop/Stack area. Drilling results from recent years have been analyzed and learnings are utilized for future development. "Because of Apache's current focus on invest- ment in the Permian region and the capital allocation process, we face some challenges in contracting and retaining efficient rigs and equip- ment," Roy said. "Even with that, our expectation on cost and efficiency doesn't change. We want to Continental expects to have five rigs running on its Springer project in the Scoop by year-end. (Photo courtesy of Continental Resources)

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