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OKLAHOMA: KEY PLAYERS 12 | November 2018 | Apache Corp. Apache is an independent energy company, and it has about 45,000 net acres in the Scoop/Stack, according to a May investor presentation. "In 2018 Apache plans to run a targeted program, drilling additional wells in the Woodford-Scoop play. In addition, the region will continue its focus on high grading acreage and building its inventory of future drilling locations," the company stated on its website. Second-quarter 2018 Midcontinent/Gulf Coast operational results were reported at 11,492 bbl/d oil production, 25,542 bbl/d total liquids produc- tion, 135,629 Mcf/d natural gas production and 48,147 boe/d, according to the company. BP America Production Co. Houston-based BP America Production Co. explores, extracts and produces oil and gas in the U.S. and Gulf of Mexico. The company was for- merly known as Amoco Production Co. and was incorporated in 1930. BP America Production Co. operates as a subsidiary of BP Plc. BP operates about 1,000 wells in the Arkoma and Woodford basins (in eastern and central Okla- homa), along with about 200 wells in the Anadarko These 20 operators are inking fresh pages in Oklahoma's oil and gas history book with increased production recoveries. Booming Production Keeps Sooner State Soaring By Ariana Hurtado Associate Managing Editor A s the heart of the Midcontinent oil province that stretches across six states, Oklahoma's storied petroleum history is full of colorful characters that found a way to harness the state's challenging geology in such a way to turn a profit producing oil and gas. It is a story that continues today as operators scour the rolling hills and vast plains to tap the deeply buried unconventional resources. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), in 2015 Oklahoma was the fifth-larg- est shale gas-producing state, and holds more than one-tenth of the nation's proved shale gas reserves. Oklahoma produced more than 4.5 Tcf of natural gas from shale between 2007 and 2015, and production has been steadily increasing. Operators in the state have helped double proven oil reserves from a low of 530 MMbbl in 2007 to 1.6 Bbbl in 2016, the EIA reported. In the following section, Hart Energy profiles some of the most active operators at work in the Sooner State. Key Players

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