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B aywo o d | E n i d | G i b s l a n d | G ra n d C a n e | K i n d e r | O d e ss a P i c ay u n e | S a n A n to n i o | S te u b e nv i l l e | Wys ox Shale Support operates an extensive mining and transload network strategically aligned to serve every major shale play with unmatched speed and e•ciency. Frac sand reserves totaling more than 180 million tons and a logistics network with the flexibility to ship proppant via rail, road or barge means our team can quickly respond to customer's distribution and storage needs in the ever-changing energy services market. Quality sand. Efficient distribution. Exceptional customer service. ©2018 Shale Support, LLC P R O P PA N T | LO G I ST I C S | AG G R E G AT E S H A L E S U P P O R T.CO M CLOSER. FASTER. BETTER.

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