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94 | October 2018 | PERMIAN BASIN: REFERENCES Pair, Jessica. "Permian Basin Prevails." E&P 90.4 (2017): 80-82. Pampena, Christina, and Gabriel Tapia. "Delivering Operational, Financial Benefi ts to Permian Stimulation Projects." E&P 90.10 (2017): 40-42. Paryani, M., et al. "Adaptive Fracturing to Avoid Frac Hits and Interference: A Wolfcamp Shale Case Study." SPE Unconventional Resources Conference. Society of Petroleum Engineers. 2017. Patterson, Ross, Wei Yu, and Kan Wu. "Integration of Microseismic Data, Completion Data and Production Data to Characterize Fracture Geometry in the Permian Basin." Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 56 (2018): 62-71. Pedigo, Erin. "Analyst: Permian, GoM are Equally Important Producers." E&P. Web. 25 April 2017. Pfi ster, Samantha, et al. "Geochemical and Lithium Isotope Tracking of Dissolved Solid Sources in Permian Basin Carbonate Reservoir and Overlying Aquifer Waters at an Enhanced Oil Recovery Site, northwest Texas, USA." Applied Geochemistry 87 (2017): 122-135. Presley, Jennifer. "Midland Basin Operators Shift Gears." E&P. Web. 1 March 2018. Rassouli, F. S., and M. D. Zoback. "Multi-Stage Creep Experiments on the Wolfcamp Shale, Permian Basin, West Texas, USA." 51 st U.S. Rock Mechanics/Geomechanics Symposium. American Rock Mechanics Association. 2017. Quality Service That Counts! • NASDAQ: TUSK

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