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Page 92 of 99 | October 2018 | 91 PERMIAN BASIN: REFERENCES Hart Energy. "Video Vistas: Pondering the Permian Basin." E&P. Video. 4 April 2017. Hart Energy Onshore Connect. "Baker Hughes: Mysteries of Permian Frack Plug Science." E&P. Video. 28 June 2017. He, Yawen, Hongliu Zeng, and Charles Kerans. "Seismic Chronostratigraphy of Mixed Versus Pure Carbonate Shelf Margin in Permian Basin." Society of Exploration Geophysicists. SEG Technical Program Expanded Abstracts (2017):1918-1923. Hurd, Gregory S., et al. "Sediment Gravity-flow Deposits and Three-dimensional Stratigraphic Architectures of the Linked Cutoff, Upper Bone Spring, and Upper Avalon System, Delaware Basin." AAPG Bulletin. American Association of Petroleum Geologists 20,180,220 (2018). Jackson, Kale, and Olatunji Orekha. "Low Density Proppant in Slickwater Applications Improves Reservoir Contact and Fracture Complexity—A Permian Basin Case History." SPE Liquids-rich Basins Conference—North America. Society of Petroleum Engineers, 2017. Jarvie, Daniel M. "Petroleum Systems in the Permian Basin: Targeting Optimum Oil Production." The Houston Geological Society Bulletin (2018): 18. Kessler, James. "Impact of Clay Content on Elastic Anisotropy and Stresses in the Permian Basin Mud Rock Systems." The Houston Geological Society Bulletin (2017): 17. LEGENDARY. NEW LOOK. NEW VISION. STILL ©2018. Trojan Battery Company, the Trojan Battery Company logo, and combinations thereof are trademarks or registered trademarks of Trojan Battery Company, in the United States and other countries. t r o j a n b a t t e r y . c o m We don't just manufacture batteries- we innovate, engineer and develop energy solutions. At Trojan Battery Company, we're charging forward.

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