Permian Basin 2018

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Cudd Energy Services (CES) is more than an oil and gas service provider; we are your partner, committed to the optimization of your investment through the complete lifecycle of your well. We approach each project with the long-term health of your assets in mind by delivering integrated solutions personalized to your needs. With a team of experienced engineers and specialists at the helm of each project, you receive unparalleled expertise that you can trust. Visit us at for more information. 67,08/$7,21ɕ&2,/('78%,1* (&2,/ɕ&2,/'5,//,1*7(&+12/2*,(6 +<'5$8/,&:25.29(5ɕ&(0(17,1*ɕ1,752*(1ɕ,1'8675,$/1,752*(1 6/,&./,1( %5$,'('/,1(ɕ(/(&75,&/,1(ɕ:$7(50$1$*(0(17 63(&,$/6(59,&(6ɕ:(//&21752/ COMMITTED TO THE LONG-TERM SUCCESS OF YOUR INVESTMENT

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