Permian Basin 2018

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Aqua Terra Water Management and De Nora Water Technologies are partnering with Producers in the Permian Basin to reduce the use of fresh water by recycling produced and Yo0-1h-|;uruob7bm] -v-=;ķbmmo-ঞ;ķ1ov|Ŋ ;L1b;m|ķvv|-bm-0Ѵ;-|;u voѴঞom=ou=u-1hbm] Rich Fontenot 512-796-3905 Aqua Terra Water Management o@;uvv|u1|u;7-m7v|u-|;]b1 -|;ul-m-];l;m|lb7v|u;-l voѲomv|oC|-ruo71;uĻv r-u1Ѳ-um;;7vbm-7m-lb1 ruo71om11Ѳ; Partnering With Producers SALT WATER DISPOSALS • PIPELINE INFRASTRUCTURES • WATER SOURCING • WATER RECYCLING •

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