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HYDRAULIC FRACTURING: REFERENCES 94 | August 2018 | Alessi, Daniel S., et al. "Comparative Analysis of Hydraulic Fracturing Wastewater Practices In Unconventional Shale Development: Water Sourcing, Treatment and Disposal Practices." Canadian Water Resources Journal 42.2 (2017): 105-121. Algarhy, Ahmed, et al. "Increasing Hydrocarbon Recovery from Shale Reservoirs through Ballooned Hydraulic Fracturing." Unconventional Resources Technology Conference. Society of Exploration Geophysicists, American Association of Petroleum Geologists and Society of Petroleum Engineers. 2017. Elliott, Elise G., et al. "A Systematic Evaluation of Chemicals in Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids and Wastewater for Reproductive and Developmental Toxicity." Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology 27.1 (2017): 90. Emrani, Arezoo S., Ahmed Farid Ibrahim, and Hisham A. Nasr-El-Din. "Mobility Control using Nanoparticle-Stabilized CO 2 Foam as a Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid." SPE Europec featured at 79th EAGE Conference and Exhibition. Society of Petroleum Engineers. 2017. Figueiredo, Bruno, et al. "Study of Hydraulic Fracturing Processes In Shale Formations with Complex Geological Settings." Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 152 (2017): 361-374. Granger, Dale. "Scientific Report May Open Road for Hydraulic Fracturing in Australia." E&P. Web. 1 May 2018. Hardin, Greggory L., and Jeffrey S. Russo. "Automated System for Monitoring and Controlling Water Transfer During Hydraulic Fracturing." U.S. Patent No. 9,963,961. 8 May 2018. He, Yuhe, et al. "Chemical and Toxicological Characterizations of Hydraulic Fracturing Flowback and Produced Water." Water Research 114 (2017): 78-87. Huang, Weilin, et al. "Unveiling the Signals from Extremely Noisy Microseismic Data for High-resolution Hydraulic Fracturing Monitoring." Scientific Reports 7.1 (2017): 11996. Hurtado, Ariana. "Shale Technology Showcase." E&P. Web. 2 July 2018. Jinzhou, Zhao, et al. "Numerical Simulation of Multistage Fracturing and Optimization of Perforation in a Horizontal Well." Petroleum Exploration and Development 44.1 (2017): 119-126. Kashikar, Sudhendu. "Understanding Fracture Networks." E&P. Web. 2 July 2018. Kondash, Andrew J., Elizabeth Albright, and Avner Vengosh. Waters from Unconventional Oil and Gas Exploration." Science of the Total Environment 574 (2017): 314-321. Liang, Tianbo, et al. "Enhancing Hydrocarbon Permeability after Hydraulic Fracturing: Laboratory Evaluations of Shut-ins and Surfactant Additives." Society of Petroleum Engineers. SPE Journal 22.04 (2017): 1-011. Additional Information on Hydraulic Fracturing For more details on hydraulic fracturing, consult the selected sources below. By Ariana Hurtado Associate Managing Editor

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