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38 | August 2018 | HYDRAULIC FRACTURING: KEY PLAYERS Tuscaloosa shale plays, Delta Pearl fracturing sand is designed to provide low turbidity. Superior Energy Services Superior Energy Services provides specialized oilfield services and equipment that are focused on servicing the life cycle of the well for oil and gas companies worldwide. The company has a full line of comple- tion and production services, including pressure pumping, equipment rentals, fluid handling and well servicing operations in several active resource plays in North America. As part of the Superior Energy Services family of brands for completion-related services, Pumpco Energy Services delivers hydraulic fracturing ser- vices focused on horizontal well completions and stimulation. Pumpco can deliver a variety of fluid designs including diverter, slickwater and gelled water fractures using gelling agents to increase viscosity. If required, Superior has the ability to provide sta- ble, crosslinked or hybrid fluid systems designed to address any range of temperature, the company said. The company also offers several pumping techniques, including treatments on single-well pads, zipper frac- tures on multiwell pads and pumpdown assists for plug-and-perf jobs. Superior's rental equipment supports conventional and unconventional completions, with specialized BOPs, choke manifold equipment spreads, fracture heads, and flowback and well testing services. Fluid handling includes services used to obtain, move, store and dispose of fluids involved in the development and production of oil and gas reservoirs, including specialized trucks, fracturing tanks and other assets that transport, heat, pump and dispose of fluids. TAM International Inc. TAM International, an independent oilfield ser- vices company, offers R&D, product development and operating techniques. The company provides multistage fracturing systems for both openhole and cemented unconventional wells. The systems consist of technologies to enable positive placement and iso- lation of acid stimulation or hydraulic proppant frac- ture treatments. The tools are designed to work with specific fluid requirements, offering flexible options. Additionally, TAM designed and developed the Posi- Frac Toe Sleeve assembly for cemented or uncemented completions where a casing pressure test is desired to confirm casing integrity prior to opening the toe sleeve. It allows a casing integrity test that can he held for as long or as short as desired without the need to pressure above the test pressure to open the sleeve. The PosiFrac Straddle System assemblies can be used for a wide array of applications including acidiz- ing, fracturing, flow testing, washing perforations and pressure testing. It is designed for multiset operations and is reliable in both horizontal and vertical appli- cations. An option on the Straddle System utilizes the Insta-Set Valve, which does not require a ball to drop from surface. Pumpco employees collaborated on a well site in the Permian Basin. (Photo courtesy of Superior Energy Services) The PosiFrac Toe Sleeve assembly is designed for horizontal cemented or uncemented multistage fracturing completions. (Image courtesy of TAM International)

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