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34 | August 2018 | HYDRAULIC FRACTURING: KEY PLAYERS plans to facilitate better decisions when hydrauli- cally fracturing wells," the company said. High-level objectives and initiatives of note include infill development and the impact of fracturing hits, well spacing in stacked pay environments, evaluating horizontal target productivity and stage reduction through perf cluster optimization. Among the technologies utilized to address these challenges are SPECTRASTIM proppant tracers along with the SPECTRASCAN spectral gamma ray imaging tool (cluster efficiency, diversion effectiveness, isola- tion, stage/cluster optimization and well spacing) and FLOWPROFILER oil and water tracers (profiling production along a lateral, well spacing and layer to layer communication). Offshore, ProTechnics implements its Spectral PACKSCAN memory gamma density technology to simultaneously evaluate fracture placement and annular pack quality. Washpipe conveyance provides data with zero additional rig time, quickly informing decisions to reduce rig costs and accelerate time to production, according to the company. Rubicon Oilfield International Rubicon Oilfield International is a manufacturer of drilling, completions, fishing and production prod- ucts, providing tools for well construction, hole con- ditioning, cementing and fracture plug milling and other stages of the life cycle of a well. In May 2017 Rubicon acquired Choice Completions Systems LLC, an emerging technology company spe- cializing in the supply of downhole products for con- ventional and unconventional completions. Through the acquisition of Choice Completions, the company also is providing a new fracture plug technology with a composite product at 5 lb in weight that is thought to be the lightest plug available, according to the company. In June 2017 Rubicon acquired World Oil Tools Inc., a manufacturer and supplier of specialty inflat- able products and downhole completions technology. Schlumberger Schlumberger offers hydraulic fracturing and matrix stimulation treatments for all types of environments. Multistage fracturing and completion services from Schlumberger include fracturing with coiled tubing (CT), multistage stimulation systems, shale gas dynamic fluid diversion services and fiber-based fracturing services. Schlumberger multistage stimulations systems include plug and perf (PNP), dissolvable PNP and continuous pumping stimulation. The systems can be used in vertical, deviated and horizontal wells. In late 2017 Schlumberger purchased Weath- erford's pressure pumping assets and pump down perforating business, which Schlumberger merged with its existing hydraulic fracturing operations, multistage completions, sand mining and logistics, and CT operations for its OneStim well completions business in North America Land. In March 2018 Schlumberger released its Tempo instrumented docking perforating gun system. "This At OTC 2017 the RubiconTAINER was outfitted with all of the Rubicon product lines including completion, drilling, fishing and abandonment, and well construction solutions. (Photo courtesy of Rubicon Oilfield International)

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