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32 | August 2018 | HYDRAULIC FRACTURING: KEY PLAYERS isolation and improved reliability; the Bullmastiff ball-drop openhole sliding-sleeve sand control fracturing system; the Rottweiler product line of compact, high-performance fracture plugs for the plug-and-perf market; and ReAct remote activation technology, which offers remote signaling capabili- ties for valves and sleeves for a variety of applications and completion designs. Packers Plus Energy Services Inc. Packers Plus provides multistage completion systems for a variety of applications, including horizontal, multilateral and HP/HT wells. The company has operations in Canada, the U.S. and internationally. This year Packers Plus released new technol- ogies under the TREX cemented product line, a suite of stimulation technologies designed to increase operational efficiency and reduce risk in cemented completions. The TREX cemented completion solutions line includes single-point entry and limited entry ball- activated sliding sleeves, coiled tubing activated slid- ing sleeves, liner hangers, hydraulic toe sleeves and composite plugs. "Notably, the QuickPORT IV lim- ited entry sliding sleeve has achieved milestones with high stage count wells," the company said. Recent challenges overcome using Packers Plus completion technology include a multilateral off- shore well in the North Sea and meeting the needs of increased stimulation program intensity to maximize reservoir coverage with an upgrade of the company's multistage completion system to StackFRAC HD-X. PropX Proppant Express Solutions LLC (PropX) is a pri- vately held company headquartered in Denver. The company's last-mile proppant delivery sys- tem is a containerized technology for last-mile prop- pant delivery to hydraulic fracturing operations. It is designed to be much quieter, lower last-mile trucking costs, provide less truck traffic, eliminate demurrage, offer more flexible maximized load volume and pro- duce less dust than incumbent methods, according to the company. PropX systems also reduce the hazard of silicosis. "The ability to unload and load sand containers in less than 10 minutes (versus 45 minutes for the same proppant mass with pneumatic transfer) dramatically reduces the truck 'staging' problem and the resultant waiting time or demurrage fees charge by the truckers while standing by waiting on their turn to unload," the company stated on its website. In addition, "PropX, because of its gravity driven system of unloading sand coupled with our fully enclosed conveying system, does not require pneu- matic blowers, resulting in a safe, fast operation, which generates very little noise or dust," the com- pany said. PropX systems have delivered billions of pounds of proppant to customers in numerous oil and gas basins across the U.S. ProTechnics Core Laboratories' ProTechnics division focuses on industry challenges in reservoir optimization. "Aligning its technology and engineering team's basin experience with each operator's specific objec- tives, ProTechnics implements strategic diagnostic An independent hydraulic fracturing service provider deploys a fleet in Hearne, Texas. (Photo courtesy of NOV)

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