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30 | August 2018 | HYDRAULIC FRACTURING: KEY PLAYERS The company's products are engineered to help operators navigate a variety of application-specific completion characteristics that include high-stage counts, HP/HT, restricted wellbore applications and more. "The Magnum Vanishing Plug (MVP) was the industry's first dissolvable frack plug—holding strong and offering reliable flowback without the need to mill out," the company said. "Perfect for long laterals, the MVP dissolves in a wide range of temperatures, uses any water type and breaks down more predictably than other dissolvable frack plugs." The company offers a wide range of composite and dissolvable frack plugs, cement retainers, pressure control disks, flotation devices, setting tools and other niche completion technologies. Mohawk Energy Mohawk Energy is a developer of expandable tubu- lars. The company provides well integrity, wellbore recompletion and openhole products. Mohawk Energy develops, manufactures and installs expand- able tubular technologies that are designed to solve the most critical downhole challenges. Mohawk Energy's ReFracPatch product allows the operator to mechanically isolate the previously produced wellbore in a one trip deployment with only a limited reduction in casing inside diameter. One recent multiwell example of this was a recompletion of laterals, covering up to 4,500 ft, allowing high-rate fracturing operations to be completed. The FracPatch product line allows the operator to cover prematurely opened frack sleeves or misplaced perforations in the wellbore. Plugs can be set inside or passed throughout the patch to continue fracturing operations. NCS Multistage NCS Multistage is an independent technology and ser- vices company specializing in multistage completions. The company provides coiled tubing (CT) frac- turing services, fracturing systems, liner hangers, its AirLock buoyancy system and reservoir services. NCS' fracturing systems include casing sleeves with annular fractures, casing sleeves with through-CT fractures (half-straddle option), sand-jet perforating with annu- lar fractures and straddle refracturing systems. The company's primary offering is its Multi- stage Unlimited family of completion products and services that "enable efficient pinpoint stim- ulation, which individually stimulates each entry point into a target formation," the company said on its website. The "Multistage Unlimited prod- ucts and services are typically utilized in cemented wellbores and enable customers to precisely place stimulation treatments in a controlled and repeat- able process, compared with conventional multi- stage completion methods." NCS has operated throughout North America and in Argentina, Australia, China and Russia, with a record of more than 7,800 field successes, according to the company's website. NOV NOV's Intervention and Stimulation Equipment business unit offers pressure pumping, wireline and aftermarket equipment as well as complete coiled tubing (CT) systems. NOV's pressure pumping products include fracturing units, blenders, prop- pant handling and storage equipment, acid units, chemical additive systems, cementing equipment, hydration units, flowline equipment as well as data vans and software. The company's individual equipment and full system offerings span across the full life cycle of an unconventional well. From well construction and completions to hydraulic fracturing, flowback, CT and well testing, NOV's equipment is designed to han- dle longer laterals, more stages and higher pressures. In June 2018 NOV released GoConnect condi- tion-monitoring services for intervention and stim- ulation equipment. The services provide real-time process monitoring, predictive analytics and condi- tion-based maintenance capabilities for NOV's pres- sure pumping, CT, nitrogen and wireline equipment, a press release stated. In June 2017 the company released several new completions technologies, including the Bulldog Frac sliding-sleeve annular fracturing system, which is designed to provide pinpoint accuracy, zonal Prejob inspection takes place before mobilizing Mohawk's FracPatch. (Photo courtesy of Mohawk Energy)

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