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26 | August 2018 | HYDRAULIC FRACTURING: KEY PLAYERS company's owned and operated in-basin terminals and in-basin production facility position it within close proximity to significant activity in all major oil and gas basins for advantageous truck transporta- tion, according to the company. Hi-Crush's integrated distribution system, with its PropStream logistics solution, delivers proppant the last mile into the blender, providing operators security of supply from the mine to the well site, the company said. Keane Group According to the company, Keane is one of the larg- est pure-play providers of integrated well completion services in the U.S. The company focuses on com- plex, technically demanding completion solutions and its primary service offerings include hydraulic fracturing, wireline perforation and logging, engi- neered solutions and cementing, among other ser- vices. The company has locations in the Permian Basin, Marcellus-Utica Shale, Bakken Formation and Scoop/Stack area. Keane's hydraulic fracturing equipment includes about 1.2 million hydraulic horsepower, high-rate blenders, nitrogen units and high-pressure capability. Operations are backed by an extensive logistics organi- zation that has national sand contracts, 1,200 owned rail cars and a fleet of more than 120 sand haulers. Wireline services are offered with specialties in plug-and-perf operations, mechanical services, radial cement bond logging and casing image calipers. Keane provides its own cranes, pressure control equipment up to 15,000 psi and greaseless wireline capability. Keane's technical team designs well-specific stim- ulation and cleanout fluid technology at the Engi- neering & Technology Center in The Woodlands, Texas. This laboratory is equipped for comprehensive pre- and post-job fluid analysis, along with fluid, proppant, cement, corrosion and microbial testing. District operations are additionally supported by a network of laboratories located in every major basin. Keane has 24 fit-for-purpose units for cementing services and pressure pumping for toe prep and other pumping services.

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