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24 | August 2018 | HYDRAULIC FRACTURING: KEY PLAYERS Gardner Denver Gardner Denver offers engineering and support for petroleum and industrial pumps in the global upstream oil and gas market. The company designs, manufactures and tests a range of small and light pumps for the oil and gas industry. Gardner Denver also offers drilling pumps, fluid ends, liquid ring vacuum pumps, compressors and more. In the first quarter of 2018, the company announced the launch of its consumables brand, the Redline series. "The first consumable introduced to the market was Redline Packing, the critical seal system in the heart of the frack pump, creating a barrier between frack fluid and the environment," the company said. In June 2017 Gardner Denver acquired LeROI Compressors, and in February 2018 the company acquired Runtech. Halliburton Halliburton stimulation technologies are designed for fracturing, pinpoint stimulation, acidizing/ near-wellbore cleanout and conductivity endur- ance. Halliburton focuses on both improving sur- face efficiency aspects of hydraulic stimulation as well as developing solutions to optimize asset productivity through subsurface evaluation and engineered fracturing designs. The company's MicroScout service is designed to increase stimulated reservoir volume by "connect- ing the complex fracture network to the primary fractures" and its EZ-Stim service is designed to "improve efficiency of hybrid fracturing treatments and stimulating long horizontals," according to Halliburton's website. The company's 2,000-hhp Q10 XLE pumping unit was designed to reduce noise emissions on location, decrease nonproductive time and perform in challenging conditions, according to a product data sheet. "Mono-block fluid end handles the demanding duty cycle required for shale fracturing," the data sheet stated. "Testing and modeling have indicated that, under identical conditions, the Q10 XLE pump provides over 20 times the fluid end life of legacy pumps." In addition, Halliburton acquired Summit ESP in July 2017. Hexion Hexion creates advanced chemistries to improve well economics from drilling through production. The company's portfolio includes drilling and cement- ing additives, proppant enhancement additives, resin-coated proppants and production chemicals. Hexion's offering includes a variety of resin-coated proppants, covering curable sands, curable ceramics and precured sands along with consolidation aids and silica dust suppressants. "We were the first to develop mobile resin-coating technology, offering efficient in-basin manufactur- ing in any location," the company said. "This new solution offers optimum logistics to the well site, even internationally." Hi-Crush Partners Hi-Crush is a provider of proppant and logistics solutions to the North American oil and gas indus- try. The company's production facilities are capable of producing 13.4 million tons per year of high- quality monocrystalline sand, a specialized min- eral used as a proppant during the well completion process. The company's production facilities' direct access to major U.S. railroads enhance its deliv- ery capabilities into consuming basins, while the Specifically designed to extend equipment life, Gardner Denver's Redline Packing is designed to cut maintenance time in half. (Image courtesy of ELL Creative) Hexion's resin-coated proppants provide features such as the AquaBond proppants' ability to reduce the production of formation water. (Image courtesy of Hexion)

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