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22 | August 2018 | HYDRAULIC FRACTURING: KEY PLAYERS Flotek Industries Inc. Flotek's Energy Chemistry Technologies segment develops and delivers prescriptive chemistry tech- nologies to oil and gas operators and service com- panies. Flotek chemistry technologies and reservoir application platforms enable the delivery of chemis- tries that are designed to add value to assets. Flotek's total fluids systems include custom technologies and conventional chemistries that are designed to maximize recovery in both new and mature fields and to address every challenge in the life cycle of the reservoir and field from drilling, cementing, comple- tion and stimulation activity. Flotek's line of chemistry technology products, Complex nano-Fluid, is made from naturally sustain- able and nontoxic citrus oil and has helped improve well performance, productivity and financial returns of E&P companies, according to the company. In April Flotek released MicroSolv, its new line of microemulsion technologies that are a blend of solvents and surfactants. The chemistries are formu- lated to enhance performance by lowering interfacial tension, mitigating water blockages, reducing surface tension, aiding flowback of water-based fracturing fluids, improving cleanup and reducing formation damage created by phase trapping, according to a company press release. FTS International FTS International (FTSI) is one of the largest provid- ers of hydraulic fracturing services in North America based on both active and total horsepower of its equipment, according to the company. The com- pany provides high-pressure hydraulic fracturing and wireline services with an expertise in stimulating production of oil and natural gas from wells in shale and other unconventional formations. FTSI also is a vertically integrated manufacturer. The company assembled its 32 fleets in-house; con- tinues to manufacture many of the components used by its fleets, including hydraulic pumps, fluid-ends and other consumables; and is manufacturing two newbuild fleets. In addition, the company performs substantially all of its own maintenance, repair and servicing of its hydraulic fracturing fleet. For the past three years, the company's total recordable incident rate was less than half of the industry average, according to FTSI. Recent exam- ples of the company's initiatives aimed at improving HSE conditions include deploying dual fuel engines that can run on both natural gas and diesel fuel; electronic pressure relief systems; spill prevention and containment solutions; dust control mitigation; sensor-driven, remote monitoring of working equip- ment; and containerized proppant delivery solutions. Flotek delivers its Complex nano-Fluid chemistry to enhance production and cash flow for an operator with acreage in the Austin Chalk. (Photo courtesy of Flotek)

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