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20 | August 2018 | HYDRAULIC FRACTURING: KEY PLAYERS Key product offerings include DynaSelect, the first fully integrated, intrinsically safe switch-det- onator combination, and DynaStage, the first fac- tory-assembled, performance-assured perforating system, according to the company. DynaStage is cus- tom-assembled to address customer requirements for charges and phasing and is available in three diameters: 3 1 / 8 in., 3 3 / 8 in. and 2¾ in. "The DynaStage product line is compatible with all primary well configurations in use by North America's onshore, unconventional oil and gas industry," according to a company press release. DynaSelect and DynaStage are controlled via the Infinity Firing Panel, which "allows for faster switch testing and operation with instant on-command ini- tiation," a company press release stated. "The Infinity Panel allows the operator to test, initiate and skip stages as desired." DynaEnergetics also offers high-performance shaped charges designed to address a wide range of applications and downhole conditions. Enventure Enventure Global Technology Inc. is a provider of solid expandable solutions for the energy industry with offices worldwide. "Enventure's SET and ESeal technology radially enlarges proprietary tubulars through a cold-drawing process using a downhole cone-driven expansion assembly," the company stated on its website. "SET and ESeal systems have been expanded through win- dow exits and milled sections, modified for corrosive well installation, installed in deviated and horizon- tal wells, and have proven to be advantageous when coupled with other enabling technologies such as surface stack drilling, intelligent completion tools and multilaterals." In May the company released the next generation ESeal 3.0 solid expandable refracturing liner to "pro- vide operators more options when selecting among mechanical zonal isolation techniques," according to a company press release. An R&D technician ensures accurate measurements of a shaped charge interior. (Photo courtesy of DynaEnergetics) The ESeal 3.0 RF Liner is enhanced to provide the industry's highest strength and temperature ratings that will mechanically isolate old perforations, with the largest ID possible, providing more flow and more power to reservoirs during refracturing. (Image courtesy of Enventure)

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