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10 | August 2018 | HYDRAULIC FRACTURING: KEY PLAYERS For wells located in formations where water/ gas breakthrough is a risk, the OptiStriker straddle packer system enables precise fracture height control through targeted stimulation and real-time downhole diagnostics. The system also provides fast screenout recovery to minimize nonproductive time. BHGE also offers Sorb and Sorb Ultra solid inhibitors to inhibit scale, paraffin, asphaltenes and salt, in addition to controlling bacteria and corrosion. BHGE's proppant technology is engi- neered to provide consistent fracture support and long-term conductivity. The company also offers a complete acid fractur- ing service as well as an enhanced conductivity frac- turing service, which is designed to create tailored proppant pillars for long-term fracture support. Additionally, the company's hydraulic fracturing software tools allow users to fully visualize complex fracture geometries and distributions. BJ Services BJ Services is the largest North American-focused, pure-play pressure pumping services provider. The company operates field locations serving all major North American oil and natural gas shale basins. The SPECTRE plug disintegrates fully after fracturing, eliminating risks associated with metal slips or ceramic buttons left downhole, according to the company. (Image courtesy of Baker Hughes, a GE company) This redesigned blender from BJ Services is part of the company's fracturing equipment. (Image courtesy of BJ Services)

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